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“Filmmakers still trying to figure out how Snyder did this”: Zack Snyder’s Epic Action Scene in $456M Movie Hailed as a Cinematic Impossibility

Zack Snyder's Epic Action Scene in $456M Movie Hailed as a Cinematic Impossibility

Although Dawn of the Dead introduced Zach Snyder to film aficionados, it was his second movie 300, that truly familiarized people with his craft. Not only the ancient battle movie went on to become one of the most impactful films of recent cinema history but it also earned him his visionary title.

Zack Snyder at Comic-Con
Zack Snyder at Comic-Con

And rightfully so, because the movie is just as relevant and talked about today as it was during its release. With the powerful action sequences the movie tells the story of the Spartans taking a final stand to defend their people from the Persians in the battle of Thermopylae.

And although there have been quite a few factual inaccuracies given the creative freedom taken both by Zack Snyder and Frank Miller, whose comic series the movie was based on, according to fans, it remains to this day, a visceral masterpiece, that the film industry is yet to recreate.

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Zack Snyder’s 300 told a fascinating tale of the battle of Thermopylae

The movie was initially criticized for the tremendous factual inaccuracies it contains. From 300 Spartan soldiers, from which the movie’s name is derived, led by King Leonidas taking on an army of the Persians, led by Xerxes, to them fighting in speedos, Zack Snyder took quite a lot of creative freedoms.

Gerard Butler in Zack Snyder's 300
Gerard Butler in Zack Snyder’s 300

Not only that, but the depiction of the Persians as deformed, or literal monsters in some cases, while really brought in the otherness and alienated them completely to mark them as the powerful enemies these soldiers fought against, the truth was quite different.

Gerard Butler as King Leonidas in 300
Gerard Butler as King Leonidas in 300

However, it did make for an amazing cinematic experience, especially for those who had the fortune of watching it at the theaters. Be it the visceral action sequences, cinematography, and keeping the tension taut all throughout the movie, Zack Snyder’s 300 really raised the standards for a theatrical experience for a lot of people.


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Fans claim 300‘s action sequences are impossible to recreate

There have been a lot of debates over which is Zack Snyder’s best movie ever, and while a lot will go with his superhero flicks, for a larger part of the fandom, it was 300 that keeps charming them continuously.

Zack Snyder's 300
Zack Snyder’s 300

Not only is this one of the most rewatchable Zack Snyder movies in his entire career, but people claim to take in new details every time they re-watch it.

In fact, according to some, the final battle between the Spartans and the Persians happens to be such a magnificent example of pure artistry, that any filmmaker after that flounders to even come close to let alone recreate. 


Even with the negative remarks the movie gained from some, the critical acclaim and cult-like fan-following it gained, remains exemplary.

In fact, Zack Snyder’s co-author for his upcoming movie Rebel Moon, Shay Hatten, once noted in an interview, that 300 was one of the first R-rated movies he ever had the fortune of watching at the theaters. According to him, it made him realize what a cinematic experience should be like.

This is similar to the fans’ account of their experiences, as a result, they are waiting with bated breath to witness Snyder’s upcoming intergalactic epic, which is hailed as the product of Zack Snyder realizing the full potential of his visionary imagination.

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300 is available for streaming on Netflix, and Rebel Moon arrives on December 22nd, 2023, on that very platform. 

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