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Final Teaser Of Batman Game Unveiled

Final Teaser Of Batman Game Unveiled
Final Teaser Of Batman Game Unveiled

Final Teaser Of Batman Game Unveiled ahead Of The DC FanDome Event


Gamers are in for a major treat at the DC FanDome event as Warner Bros and WB Montreal released the final teaser of the new Batman game on Friday and we have some good news. After giving out tons of hints and encrypted codes for us to decipher, WB Montreal in their final teaser have confirmed the launch of the new game’s trailer in the much awaited DC FanDome event.

Throughout the week, the production house, WB Montreal has been hyping up fans with daily teasers using cryptic codes, portions of the game’s map, symbols and finally this short teaser trailer which hints us at the GCPD (Gotham City Police Department). Have a look below as this is the final taste you are about to get before the launch of the trailer.

This has by far been the most look we have gotten at the game but it’s still hard to say much. Putting the puzzle together we possibly get a screen grab of what’s being considered as a file pulled from the Gotham City Police Department’s database. In the background we see some machinery placed as well but the intent of it remains unknown.

The newly created account and website of the r3dakt3d had been laying down a few intriguing crumbs for their internet detectives all through the week. Here’s what we have summarized. They initially took to twitter to unveil symbols that are hinting at the heavy involvement of the Court of Owls. One of the symbol is shaped as a talon mask, the deadly assassin brainwashed by the Court, while the other symbols feature owls and owl talons. It was later discovered that the vicious Batman villain Harvey Dent a.k.a ‘Two Face’ is also involved in the game when further hints were out. Other discoveries include the possible involvement of Batgirl as the number “761941364995” (the four codes used to unlock the content on combined together), which turned out to be the EAN number for detective Comics #359, the debut of Batgirl a.k.a. Cassandra Cain.

Well, set your calendars right as we don’t want you to miss out the big announcement of this much awaited game’s trailer launch at the DC FanDome on August 22 at 10:25 AM (Los Angeles) / 1:25 PM (New York) / 6:25 PM (UK) and Suicide Squad reveal at 5:10 PM (Los Angeles) / 8:10 PM (New York) / August 23 at 1:10 AM (UK).


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