“Finally a real actor”: X-Men Star Nicholas Hoult Replaces Harry Styles in Robert Eggers’ ‘Nosferatu’, Fans Rejoice After Styles’ Atrocious Acting in ‘Don’t Worry Darling’

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Robert Eggers’ remake of the 1922 film, Nosferatu, has recently been the talk of the industry. Actors Bill Skarsgard and Lily-Rose Depp are reportedly said to play significant roles in the movie. According to Deadline, Nosferatu is a dark tale of infatuation between a young woman and an ancient Transylvanian vampire, set in 19th-century Germany. The more specific details are yet to be uncovered. However, the movie will supposedly be following the same path as the original.

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Filmmaker, Robert Eggers

The filming of the movie was put on hold in 2019 as Robert Eggers began working on The Northman, which was released in April 2022. However, he now seems to be all set to revive Nosferatu, perhaps with a different cast from before.

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Nicholas Hoult Is Replacing Harry Styles

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Actor Nicholas Hoult

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After Robert Eggers had completed working on The Northman, he looked for other projects, yet had his heart set on his passion project, Nosferatu. Once he was able to get Focus Features on board, he immediately started looking for actors to star in his movie. The Mad Max: Fury Road actor, Nicholas Hoult seemed to be among his top choices. The actor is replacing Harry Styles in the movie, even though no details of Nicholas Hoult’s role have been released.

This replacement comes both as a shock and a surprise. While the fans of singer Harry Styles are disheartened, others are calling this an upgrade, especially after viewers were not at all satisfied with Harry Styles‘ acting in Don’t Worry Darling. 


Nicholas Hoult is currently working as Peter III of Russia on Hulu’s The Great, for which he received an Emmy nomination. He recently starred in Mark Mylod’s The Menu, which will hit the theatres in November 2022. Nicholas Hoult is also all set to star in another supernatural movie Renfield, where he plays Dracula’s well-known henchman. 

Criticism Faced By Harry Styles for Don’t Worry Darling

Harry Styles in Don't Worry Darling
Harry Styles in Don’t Worry Darling

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Director Olivia Wilde’s Don’t Worry Darling which was released on 23 September 2022 was the center of attention for quite some time, especially due to the controversies surrounding the actors, Florence Pugh, Harry Styles, and Chris Pine. Fans also theorized that these controversies were a publicity stunt for the promotion of the movie. However, it didn’t seem to work out for the movie as Don’t Worry Darling wasn’t very well received, getting a mere score of 37% on Rotten Tomatoes. Harry Styles’ performance was, in particular, under backlash.


Despite being a widely loved personality, Harry Styles struggled to convince the audience as an actor. Critics and fans alike agreed that Harry Styles’ portrayal of Jack Chambers, a gas-lighting husband was, at best, mediocre. On the other hand, others believed that Harry Styles had delivered an adequate performance, depending on what the script demanded. Whether his replacement was the result of his work in Don’t Worry Darling or not, remains unknown

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