“First Captain America Did $370 Million”: Dwayne Johnson Desperately Tries to Secure Black Adam’s Future By Comparing Its $72 Million Profit to Chris Evan’s First Marvel Movie

The Rock goes on the defensive as Black Adam fails to impress
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Dwayne Johnson’s Black Adam has been a force of nature when it came to reviving DC from the ashes. The film sure was promoted aggressively but the execution that was supposed to define a new age and new beginnings did not go so well for The Rock. With Black Adam hoping to barely cross $72 million in profit, The Rock has now taken a defensive strategy to uphold his film’s honor at the box office and to his audience, whose wishes he worked really hard to make come true.

Black Adam (2022)
Black Adam (2022)

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The Rock Defends Black Adam‘s Lackluster BO Performance

Tackling constant comparisons between DC and Marvel are not new for industry aficionados and the respective franchise stars, too, have grown accustomed to the fan demands for one’s excellence over the other. The past decade has instigated the age-old rivalry further by installing Kevin Feige’s visionary achievements as the marker of a clear-sighted win while DC had still been fumbling in the dark, now more than ever, for something strong to hold on to and stay afloat.

Black Adam struggles at the box-office
Black Adam struggles at the box-office

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Black Adam with its impressive entry promised to be that coveted win for DC and its tenacious fandom. But by the time the theater exit doors opened, disappointed faces filtered out among the crowd and once more, The Rock did manage to pull the audience to the theatres with his larger-than-life persona but did not manage to deal a very good prospect to make the audience stay for a Round 2. With James Gunn taking over command of the ship, the reception has been somewhat warm and The Rock has receded to the back and resorted to playing on the defensive to pacify the irritated fandom.

Marvel v DC Comparison Gets on The Rock’s Nerves

Black Adam fails to reinstate DC hierarchy
Black Adam fails to reinstate the DCU hierarchy

In the beginning, the audience was thankful to The Rock for bringing back Henry Cavill as DC’s Superman. But once that novelty wore off in the face of all the new rumors, the audience has taken to projecting that rage toward the Black Adam numbers that show just how much Dwayne Johnson’s film failed to achieve its desired motive. At first, it was the comparison with Black Panther: Wakanda Forever that has been brilliantly crossing thresholds and making history. Johnson defended his film at the time, claiming, “No need to knock us, we’re new babies. We need to grow.”


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Soon the competition was taken to new heights after Dwayne Johnson’s latest remarks which brought up the earnings of Chris Evans‘s Captain America: The First Avenger unwarranted. Amid news of Black Adam‘s $52-70 million profit, there seemed no need for the momentary boost of confidence by bringing up Marvel’s 2011 film after 11 years, but DCU is currently at the stage where Marvel apparently was a decade ago. So in essence, there might have been some logic after all behind The Rock’s sudden budgetary callback.


2022 has proven to be a test of strength, will, and patience for the CBM franchise, but, with one of the industry’s most recognized and well-versed comic book enthusiasts at the helm, it may not be much longer until DC claims its place at the top. Black Adam‘s stumbling win may yet pave the path for greater things to come.

Black Adam is currently available for buying and renting on Apple TV, YouTube, and Prime Video.

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