Disney+ Unveils First Look at Kate Bishop as Hawkeye

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Disney+ premiered today on November 12 in North America. However, because the Mouse always tries to upsell itself no matter what, they have released teasers for their upcoming show, Hawkeye.


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They released three pieces of concept artwork which gives fans their first look at Clint Barton’s new protégé Kate Bishop alongside Jeremy Renner’s Hawkeye.


The images give rather comics-accurate poses of the two archers most likely in the midst of battle, which is appropriate as the logo for the Hawkeye television series is taken from Matt Fraction’s 2012 – 2015 run.

It was originally reported that Hailee Steinfeld was in talks to take on the role of Kate Bishop in the upcoming Disney+ series, although there has been nothing concretely stated as to whether or not she landed the part.

There have been recent reports that Steinfeld may not be taking on the role due to the recent Jeremy Renner scandal. In fact, Renner’s personal life, which has made headlines in the recent months, has led to a group of Marvel fans allegedly calling for the actor to either be sacked or recast in the MCU.


Nothing has been stated by Renner, his people, or Disney themselves however and so fans are left to presume Hawkeye will be going ahead as scheduled.

There may however be truth in Steinfeld’s cold feet over the role which is why the concept art does not resemble her physically despite Clint Barton clearly resembling Jeremy Renner.

Hawkeye is scheduled to air on Disney+ on Fall 2021.


Written by Jai Howlett

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