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First Superman and Lois Suit Concept Art Revealed

First Superman and Lois Suit Concept Art Revealed

As the CW greenlights the Supergirl spinoff Superman show, concept art has leaked for a new suit for Superman in this upcoming series. 

The CW network greenlit Superman and Lois and it is set to air next fall. The show is about Clark and Lois being working parents in today’s society while also handling the heroics and other modern stressors. 

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The suit concept art was leaked on Reddit, but the art does have Keith Lau’s name on it. Lau has drawn up many of the costumes and looks appearing on the Arrowverse shows in the past, including Anti-Monitor, Black Canary, and Green Arrow. 

The new concept art seen below shows a suit with some brighter colors than the suit seen on the Arrowverse shows so far. The suit worn by Tyler Hoechlin in the Arrowverse so far is a darker suit that tends to blend in with the other costumes worn by superheroes.

Before X-Men in 2000, all costumes tended to be rather bright and colorful. Especially the 1990s Batman films tended to go make bright colors seem campy and childish, which is why almost all superhero costumes, between both Marvel and DC, tend to be much darker. 

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This suit seems to blend three different suits together. First are the straps and fasteners for the cape come from the suit seen on Supergirl. Second, the bright colors seem to come from Christopher Reeve’s costume in his film from 1978, and technically Brandon Routh’s Superman Returns costume as well.

Third, it seems to come from the New 52 comics suit, it was one of the first iterations of Superman to go without underwear on the outside of the suit. It also seems that the new concept costume will have taken both the yellow belt seen on Christopher Reeve and the red belt from New 52 comics, combined them together to get this hybrid belt seen in the concept art. 

This new suit helps give the new show its own voice, separate from Supergirl, sending a message that this show is definitely Superman, not the powerless version seen in the Arrowverse so far. The Arrowverse has made this Superman the weakest Kryptonian on television, a statement full of contradiction. This show needs to create its own identity to prove that the Blue Boy Scout isn’t boring or weak. As Warner Bros. seems to believe. 

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There have been many different iterations of the Superman suit over the 80 years he has been around, shows that there are many phases of what works and doesn’t work and with nostalgia being big in modern pop culture, the brighter colors of old seem like they will play really well for the audience for Superman and Lois. 

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