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‘First time I played Kratos… I felt that I was him’: Christopher Judge Went Full Method Acting for ‘God of war’ – Proved Why Dave Bautista is a Bad Choice for the Role


Among all the aspects which made the 2018’s God of War and its successor a global phenomenon includes the change of setting from ancient Greece to the Norse realm of Midgard and the inclusion of Christopher Judge as the voice actor for Kratos.

The voice actor not only did a good job in portraying the role of Kratos but added a new dimension to the character. It’s now impossible to detach Kratos from Judge and fans hope that the voice actor reprises his role as the Ghost of Sparta in the upcoming live-action adaptation.

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Christopher Judge
Christopher Judge

Christopher Judge embodied the role of Kratos during the production

The God of War franchise has become a massive cornerstone in the gaming world after the release of 2018’s God of War. The biggest reason for its undeniable impact on the industry was the performance of Christopher Judge as the titular character, who has cemented his name among the greatest vocal performances in gaming history.

In a behind the scene episode for 2022’s God of War: Ragnarok, Christopher Judge revealed how he embodied the character of Kratos in real life and could see himself in the rendered video. The voice actor shared that he felt like Kratos and was living the character during the production of the game, which is observable through his performance. The voice actor then went on to state,

“The first time I inhabited the role of Kratos, I was in such splendid physical condition that I felt like Kratos when I saw the rendering I felt that I was him”

Not only Christopher Judge sees himself as the Ghost of Sparta, but the whole fandom perceives him as the titular character in real life and can’t imagine anyone else playing the role of Kratos. For his indomitable performance, the voice actor went on to garner the game awards for the best performance for both God of War 2018 and its sequel in 2022.

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God of War behind the scenes
God of War behind the scenes

Fans are convinced that Christopher Judge is the perfect choice for Kratos in live-action

With the recent success of the PlayStation game turned to show The Last of Us, fans are optimistic about the upcoming God of war series. Even though Dave Bautista might be the possible choice for the role, fans now demand Christopher Judge in the role after witnessing the BTS of the game.

Dave Bautista may be the second-best choice for the role of Kratos, but fans don’t want their iconic version to be axed out of the adaptation. With Christopher Judge showing his interest in the live-action show and not relishing the idea of Bautista playing Kratos, fans are now adamant to see Judge in the lead for the upcoming show.

Although the portrayal of Kratos by Christopher Judge seems a little far-fetched considering his age and the physicality required for the role, the actor sure got the height for it and can pull the role with a tweak in technology. With the big production budget for the show, a mix between CG and realism could pull off the best version of the character onscreen, portrayed by Judge himself.

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Kratos from God of War
Kratos from God of War

Amazon studios have promised a faithful adaptation of the source material, and fans hope that they get Christopher Judge on board for the project. As seeing anyone else in the shoes of Kratos would be weird and uncomfortable for the fans who adore the franchise.

No release date for Amazon’s God of War has been made official.

Source: God of War Ragnarök Behind the Scenes

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