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Five Characters Emma Corrin Could be Playing in Deadpool 3

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News broke earlier today that the wonderfully talented Emma Corrin (The Crown, Pennyworth) has been cast in a yet undisclosed villainous role in the upcoming and highly anticipated Deadpool 3. Announced late last year by Ryan Reynolds on Twitter, the news that Deadpool 3 was not only moving forward but bringing back Hugh Jackman in his most iconic role as Wolverine nearly broke the internet, and so with every little nugget of news that comes with the film, we all end up a little more excited and the anticipation grows a lot more. With this, we’re going to take a look at who we think Emma Corrin could be playing and with some educated guesses and some incredibly unlikely and hopeful guesses, these are our best picks.

Lady Deadpool

Emma Corrin
Emma Corrin could be perfect for this.

Whilst Blake Lively is the closest we may actually have, there’s not a female version of Ryan Reynolds that we know about, so it’s not like we can expect him to play the female version of his own character. Under the assumption that the upcoming Deadpool 3 is going to be a multiverse caper, it’d be remiss if they didn’t take the opportunity to include Lady Deadpool. As much a villain as the ‘main’ Deadpool is, it’s yet to be seen if Emma Corrin has the comedic chops to pull off such a humorous and dry character.

Itsy Bitsy

Emma Corrin
Emma Corrin as Itsy Bitsy would be interesting!

A live-action version of Itsy Bitsy will be equal parts terrifying and impressive, and with the character’s history, a perfectly timed choice for Corrin to take on. Itsy Bitsy started as just another woman, depressed and resorting to drugs to deal with life, things changed for the character when she met Patient Zero and became a test subject for the man. Injected with a mixture of Deadpool and Spider-Man’s DNA, she morphed into the more recognizable human/spider hybrid we know now. After her horrendous mutation the woman was given the name of Susan Mary and wanting to be a force for good, she tried to team up with Deadpool and Spider-Man before they turned her away, resulting in a feud that almost made Spider-Man break his no-killing cardinal rule to put a stop to her dangerous, if not effective method of stopping crime.

Lady Deathstrike

Emma Corrin
Could Emma Corrin be Lady Deathstrike?

A few months ago news broke that there was an open casting call for a female between the ages of thirty and fifty to play a female villain of both Deadpool and Wolverine in Deadpool 3. At the time we theorised it could be Lady Deathstrike, and with the casting of Emma Corrin, we stand by that.

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Most movie-goers will know Lady Deathstrike after her appearance in X2: X-Men United, portrayed by Kelly Hu. Similar to Wolverine in the sense that she has adamantium fused to her skeleton thanks to her father, the hilariously named Lord Dark Wind, who created the bonding process that was forced on Wolverine as part of the Weapon X program. If Corrin is playing Lady Deathstrike, there’s a very long history for the writers to pick from for the character, especially with regards to the rivalry and hatred of Wolverine, and to a lesser extent, Deadpool.


Emma Corrin
Fans want to see Death, could Emma Corrin be the one to do it?

The literal embodiment of Death might be a stretch for Corrin to play, were it not for the tight connections between the character and Deadpool. As unlikely as it’d be, many fans were clamouring for the introduction of the character in Avengers: Endgame, unfortunately before the merger and acquisition of the Fox-owned characters was finalised. If the opportunity was there, then the ending of the Infinity Saga would have looked very different with the effect Death has on Thanos, if no-one else. Just as Thanos wants Death for himself, Deadpool is always chasing her throughout his comics history. Sometimes to woo her, other times to beg to be allowed to die.


Emma Corrin
Emma Corrin in this role? I’m interested.

The most unlikely in the list for sure, Danger is the physical manifestation of Danger Room in the X-Mansion, or more specifically the software program used to run it. Created by Forge under Professor X’s orders, Danger comes to exist thanks to an upgrade to the Danger Room using Shi’ar technology, and as an unfortunate by-product of an essential training program – at least in Professor X’s opinion -, Xavier made the decision to restrain and hide the new life-form from the outside world. Events unfold and after manipulating a student to commit suicide, Danger manifests in the physical world with their own body, and proceeds to attack and defeat the X-Men. Whilst unlikely, the recent news and rumour that Patrick Stewart is told to be on ‘standby’ for another Professor X appearance could mean this shouldn’t be ruled out too quickly.

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There’s our picks for who we think Emma Corrin might be playing, but what about you, who do you think they could be bringing to the big screen?

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Written by Luke Addison

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