Five Things You Need To Know Before Watching She-Hulk: Attorney at Law

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The release of Marvel’s latest Disney+ show She-Hulk: Attorney at Law is almost upon us, and it is the penultimate entry into Phase Four of the MCU, we’re hoping it’ll be more than just a cameo-heavy, case of the week show. Here are five things you need to know before watching She-Hulk.


5. Fourth Wall Breaking

five things to know before watching She-Hulk
Fourth Wall Breaking She-Hulk

Many casual audience members will be watching this, and as soon as we get the first fourth wall break from Jennifer Walters aka She-Hulk, think that the show and the character are just ripping off Deadpool. They’d be wrong. She-Hulk has been speaking to the audience for a great deal longer than the Merc With a Mouth, and it’ll be the first foray in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Whether it’ll work half as well as in the two Deadpool movies is still to be seen, but we have hope.


4. Emil Blonsky

five things you need to know before watching she-hulk
Tim Roth as Emil Blonsky

Fourteen years after his initial introduction way back when in 2008’s The Incredible Hulk, we finally have Emil Blonsky and his alter-ego getting some serious screentime since his brief cameo in Shang Chi: Legend of the Ten Rings. The returning Tim Roth seems to be having great fun in the limited screen time in the trailers, but we fully expect to see plenty of banter between Jennifer Walters and himself, as she seems to be representing him in some capacity. Bonus points if we get a scene between Roth and Mark Ruffalo, with some nod or line of dialogue commenting on the HUlk actor having changed since Roth’s last outing.

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3. Changes in Origin

The Origin Story

She-Hulk’s original origin story involved her getting a much needed blood transfusion from her cousin Bruce Banner. Bruce didn’t take the decision lightly, knowing there could be Hulk-like consequences, but had no choice as she was unfortunately gravely injured/dying.

A slight change, but a change nonetheless, we see in the trailer that both Bruce and Jennifer are involved in a car accident, resulting in scrapes, cuts, and bruises between the pair of them, and this is how Bruce’s blood enters Jennifer’s bloodstream. In previous Hulk outings, we’ve seen several times that Hulk stops Bruce from being injured, whether it’s his admission of the suicide attempt in The Avengers, or him jumping from the ship in Ragnarok, so that begs the question, how or why was he injured this time?


2. Who’s The Villain?

8e542 16528982007155 1920
Titania and She-Hulk Duke it Out

Whilst the trailers haven’t revealed a great deal about the villain (or villains) of the show, we have seen one prominent figure in Jameela Jamil’s Titania. Whilst she doesn’t have a particularly good look, the comic origins of the character should be exciting. Firstly, she got her powers through a deal with Doctor Doom. Yes, that Doctor Doom. Secondly, she’s similar to She-Hulk in the sense she’s super strong, impervious to most damage, and has an intense rivalry with the titular character. Lastly, she’s become something of an anti-hero more recently in the comics, so maybe a future Thunderbolts appearance could be on the cards?

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1. More Teams than Not

avengers story image.0.0

Number one on this list of five things you need to know before watching She-Hulk would be how inter-connected Jennifer Walters is in the comics. More so than perhaps most characters, she has a lot of connections through the Marvel universe. She’s been a member of the Fantastic Four, the leader of the A-Force, and of course a long-time member of The Avengers. All this whilst still being a lawyer by day!

There you have it, now you’ve read the five things you need to know before watching She-Hulk, hopefully, you watch the show a little more in the know!


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