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“F**k Abusers”: Pedro Pascal’s The Last of Us Co-Star Ashley Johnson Allegedly Victim of “Countless” Acts of Terror by Ex, Files Restraining Order

"F**k Abusers": Pedro Pascal's The Last of Us Co-Star Ashley Johnson Allegedly Victim of "Countless" Acts of Terror by Ex, Files Restraining Order

Actor Ashley Johnson who starred in the hit HBO series The Last of Us, has been in the news not just for her role in the show, but also for her personal life. The star who received positive responses for her portrayal, has been through some disturbing struggles off-screen which has now come to light through her own admission.

Ashley Johnson
The Last of Us star Ashley Johnson

Johnson took to social media to speak about a shocking situation involving her ex-boyfriend Brian Wayne Foster, who is an entertainment writer. Detailing many disturbing facts, the actor confessed that she feared for her life after recent incidents that happened to her and her family.

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Ashley Johnson Was Tormented By Her Ex-Boyfriend

In a terrifying confession, The Last of Us star Ashley Johnson who played Bella Ramsey’s character Ellie’s mother in the show, spoke about the current difficult predicament that she faced. According to sources, Johnson’s ex-boyfriend Brian Wayne Foster allegedly committed countless acts of terror that put Johnson and her family in danger. This included changing the passwords to her home cameras after a huge argument, carrying a bag with a strangling device in the weeks leading to the breakup, and making Johnson a prisoner in her own home by denying her access to the internet and all her other devices. Speaking of Foster’s disturbed mind in a statement, Johnson said,

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“May 15, 2023, the police issued an (Emergency Protective Order) due to (Brian) having attempted to extort $150,000 from me (television/film actress), his history of verbal abuse, his very unhinged mind from his addictive use of narcotics and several other reasons.”

Ashley Johnson
Ashley Johnson and Brian Wayne Foster

Ashley Johnson further stated that Foster’s deranged behavior had prompted her to break up with him for over two and a half years without success. The actor hoped that the restraining order against her ex-boyfriend will ultimately protect her and her family from harm.

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Netizens React to Ashley Johnson Threats

Following the shocking details and confession by The Last of Us star Ashley Johnson regarding her ex-boyfriend, netizens took to social media to give their opinion on the same. Many viewers expressed their anger and shock at the abuse Johnson had faced at the hands of Brian Wayne Foster while others wishes the actor well and hoped that she would recover and be free from the mental torture that she endured over the years.

Ashley Johnson
Ashley Johnson in The Last of Us

A few tweets also criticized the court for producing a weak restraining order that allowed Foster to be 500 yards away from Johnson’s home while others expressed disbelief that they were unaware of the difficult circumstances that the actor had endured over the years.

Ashley Johnson who is currently staying with her family after she moved out of her home with Johnson, is awaiting the trial which is to begin in June. Meanwhile, Foster, under the rules of the restraining order, has been instructed not to have any contact with Johnson until the trial officially begins.

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