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“F*k that ba*ard”: Wrestling Legend Charles Wright Blasted The Rock’s Napoleon Complex, Says He Cast a Shorter Actor To Play Wright in Young Rock as The Rock Always Wants To Be the Tallest

"F*k that ba*ard": Wrestling Legend Charles Wright Blasted The Rock's Napoleon Complex, Says He Cast a Shorter Actor To Play Wright in Young Rock as The Rock Always Wants To Be the Tallest

The Young Rock sitcom, which is going through its 3rd season has garnered immense praise from both critics and fans. Fans have been fascinated by being able to revisit their favorite Attitude era, with The Rock,  Stone Cold Steve Austin, and Triple H at the forefront.

But even though the show has garnered positive reviews for its premise, fans haven’t been relishing the casting choices for some of their favorite superstars. The former WWE superstar, Charles Wright also shared his distaste with the casting decisions and has blasted The Rock for it.

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Dwyane The Rock Johnson
Dwyane Johnson

The Godfather blasts The Rock for the inaccurate depiction of his character

The Young Rock sitcom has provided insight into the lives of the biggest WWE superstars alongside The Rock during their rise in the Attitude Era. But it seems that the former WWE superstar Charles Wright aka The Godfather isn’t fond of the depiction of his character.

In a recent Attitude-Era podcast, the Godfather shared his distaste with the depiction of his character in the Young Rock sitcom and isn’t fond of the casting choice for him. The Godfather explained that he is 6 foot 7, while the Rock is 6 foot 4, so casting a 6 foot 1 actor to play The Godfather was disrespectful to him. He expressed his frustration by saying,

F**k Dwayne ‘The Rock Johnson. That Mot**rf**ker should never have cello f**king green portray me. I’m 6 foot 7, ok, and they portrayed me as somebody who’s 6 foot 1. So, f**k the Rock, f**k him, m**herf**ker, f**k that ba**ard, that mo**erf**ker f*cking 3 inches shorter than me and had me 5 inches shorter than me. F**k The Rock,”

The Young Rock show follows the Rock through different periods of his life and also gives us an insight into the world of wrestling. But it wasn’t only the Godfather, who found the casting choices inaccurate, as fans attacked the show in a hilarious way for their casting blunders.

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The Godfather aka Charles Wright
The Godfather aka Charles Wright 

Young Rock faces criticism for casting blunders

Young Rock has given WWE fans a chance to relive the iconic Attitude Era and follow their favorite storylines of the iconic Superstars. But the fans also haven’t shied away to call out the inaccurate casting choices for The Rock’s peers in the sitcom.

The fans criticize Young Rock for the casting blunders of different superstars, including The Undertaker, Stone Cold Steve Austin, Triple H, etc. As fans cry foul to witness the most inaccurate depiction of their favorite superstar, many came to believe that the entire cast is a parody and the filmmakers did it on purpose and have showered the sitcom with memes.

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Young Rock
Young Rock

But even though the fans haven’t been relished by the casting choices, they still found the Young Rock sitcom intriguing and entertaining. Fans are happy to get a glimpse of their favorite superstars on their rise to the top and some life lessons along the way with a stint of comedy.

Young Rock is available to stream on Peacock.

Source: Attitude Era Podcast

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