Following the Awaited Release of the GTA 6 Trailer, GTA 7 Immediately Started Trending

It could be just 14 years away from launch, right?

Following the Awaited Release of the GTA 6 Trailer, GTA 7 Immediately Started Trending


  • Rockstar Games finally released the first trailer for GTA 6.
  • Fans on X have already started talking about a potential GTA 7.
  • There is now a whole subreddit dedicated to discussing it.
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The anticipated release of the first GTA 6 trailer proved to be a massive moment, not just for Rockstar Games but for the entire gaming industry, which wasn’t that unexpected because it was a long time coming. Although the road leading up to its launch was not exactly smooth because of the countless leaks that preceded it, with even the teaser getting leaked a day before officially planned, the next Grand Theft Auto‘s reveal footage broke all kinds of records across the Internet.


Naturally, now that the curtain has finally been lifted on the upcoming Grand Theft Auto title, the initial element of surprise seems to already be fading away, with fans now asking about yet another potential instalment in the future, GTA 7.

Rockstar Unleashes the GTA 6 Trailer, But Fans Are Already Talking About GTA 7

Rockstar Games may have outdone itself with the GTA 6 trailer, but fans are already talking about GTA 7.
Rockstar may have outdone itself with the GTA 6 trailer, but fans on X are already discussing GTA 7.

It is safe to say that the GTA 6 trailer definitely exceeded a lot of high expectations, but that did not stop fans from already discussing the possibility of a GTA 7, making the topic trend shortly after Rockstar Games officially revealed the debut footage. The Grand Theft Auto community took to various social media platforms and started to talk about the not-so-distant future, which seems ridiculous considering how the next GTA instalment will launch around two years later, in 2025.


While the rest of the world is completely blown away and, to some extent, satisfied with the outstanding teaser that the studio has shown, some people just can’t seem to shake the idea of what is next for the iconic video game series.

As hilarious as the whole GTA 7 scenario is, it just goes to show how quickly trending topics can change in the current fast-paced digital landscape, as this took place not even 24 hours after the extremely anticipated GTA 6 trailer was finally released.

What followed was a series of hysterical posts and threads as some fans pointed out how Rockstar Games is probably confused and wondering why people are having more conversations about an unannounced title when it literally gave the gaming world exactly what it had been craving for the last decade.


On the other hand, other members of the Grand Theft Auto community have already started demanding their desired locations for the seventh-numbered GTA instalment, ranging from London all the way to Jamaica.

There is no denying that Rockstar Games is one of the most popular gaming studios out there, but it is also a known fact that it usually takes way too long to release its titles, especially seeing how the much-awaited GTA 6 trailer ended by announcing that the game is not coming out till at least 2025.

Of course, the Internet is notorious for making fun of basically anything, and it did not hold back with jokes about the potential GTA 7, with a user predicting that it is probably launching in 2080, by which many current Grand Theft Auto fans may have gotten very old or not even be alive.


Reddit Joins in on the GTA 7 Fun Following the GTA 6 Trailer

Grand Theft Auto fans have created a subreddit for GTA 7 shortly after the launch of the GTA 6 trailer.
Grand Theft Auto fans have created a subreddit for GTA 7 shortly after the launch of the GTA 6 trailer.

GTA 7 may have originally started trending on X, but where the community was just having fun with the idea on that platform, it was Reddit where things got truly deep, with fans already creating a subreddit called Grand Theft Auto 7 to dissect the concept.

From a user posting a theory about a potential map for the unannounced instalment to a proper competition during which talented graphic designers can showcase their skills by making a logo for it, the thread is bursting with all sorts of content related to the game. One dedicated fan has started counting the days that they have been waiting for Grand Theft Auto 7‘s teaser, announcing that it is “Day 2 of waiting for” it after the release of the GTA 6 trailer.

After some quick calculations and taking the information provided by the trailer into account, it will take Grand Theft Auto 6 12 years after the previous instalment to be released in 2025. This potentially means that Rockstar Games could be eyeing a 2037 launch for GTA 7, heading all the way over to the next decade.


It makes absolutely no sense to talk about it right now, but it is definitely an amusing thought.

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