Following XFL, Dwayne Johnson Wants to Conquer New $3.2 Billion Sports Industry after Ryan Reynolds Turned a Herculean $7M Profit in 4 Years

dwayne johnson and ryan reynolds

Hollywood actor Ryan Reynolds has recently merged his love for showbiz and sports uniquely and ingeniously. The Deadpool star has proved that he possesses the savviness to turn his passion into a successful business by taking a struggling football club under his wing along with his friend Rob McElhenney and transforming it into a successful sporting team. The 18-episode Disney series which has reportedly earned around 530 thousand dollars an episode, became an instant hit with audiences worldwide and has made a staggering total profit of 7 million dollars.

Ryan Reynolds
Ryan Reynolds in the hit series Welcome to Wrexham

Following Ryan Reynolds’ stupendous success with the series, action star Dwayne Johnson is now taking inspiration from his Hollywood colleague. According to reports coming in, The Rock is likely to follow in The Proposal star’s footsteps by taking on a football club of his own as a new business venture.

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Dwayne Johnson Could Take Inspiration From Ryan Reynolds

Ryan Reynolds’ success story of bringing an unknown North Wales Football Club into the limelight is serving as an inspiration to many of his Hollywood colleagues. Following his hit series Welcome to Wrexham which details the meteoric rise of the club, action star Dwayne Johnson is now reportedly looking to find and support sporting talents too. The actor could be an integral part of the development of another soccer club, Southend United.  According to sources, the Black Adam star is allegedly in talks to help the fifth division side shoot a documentary that will be along the lines of Ryan Reynolds’ series.

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Dwayne Johnson
WWE champion and Hollywood actor Dwayne Johnson

Dwayne Johnson and his production company Seven Bucks Production were reportedly contacted by a group of local businessmen as well as by members of Integral Sports Management to be part of the plan to take Southend United also known as the Shrimpers, to the big leagues. There are reports that actor Ray Winston who is also the co-founder of ISM will be part of the team. With the football club suffering a financial setback that has deterred them from taking their game to the next level, The Rock’s involvement should lend them much-needed monetary support and visual reach in their dream to reach the top.

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What Is The Future Of Dwayne Johnson’s XFL?

Dwayne Johnson is no stranger to working with sporting talents. The wrestling champion is currently the owner of the XFL which is a minor football league comprising 8 teams across the United States. But from statistics and reports coming in, the XFL seems to be suffering from poor viewership with a sharp 50% decline from week one to the next week.

Dwayne Johnson
Dwayne Johnson at an XFL game

While fans of Johnson have empathized with the star’s predicament, others have blamed the quality of football played in the XFL as the main culprit behind its poor ratings. With the possibility of Dwayne Johnson attempting to take on another sporting venture with the soccer club Southend United, the star could now redeem himself as a shrewd businessman and a sports enthusiast by lending his support to the struggling club.

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