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Football Manager 2024 Gets Official Release Date

Football Manager 2024

If you’ve been looking forward to Football Manager 2024, you do not have to wait much longer, as the football management simulation video game has an official release date. Sega’s next instalment in the long-running Football Manager series will be hitting stores in November, which is just a couple of months away.

Moreover, a mobile version of the game will also be available to play on the giant streaming platform Netflix, as the service is really trying its hand at bringing video games to subscribers.

Football Manager 2024 will be launched for almost every major platform, including PC, Nintendo Switch, Mac, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 5, and smartphones, on November 6.

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Football Manager 2024 Is the 20th Game in a Huge Series

Football Manager 2024 will be released in just a couple of months on November 6.
Football Manager 2024 will be released in just a couple of months, on November 6.

Football Manager has been going on for around two decades, with the first game in the long-running series, Football Manager 2005, releasing back in 2004.

Considering how the previous title, Football Manager 2023, was launched for the PlayStation 5 just earlier this year, it feels a little too sudden that the 20th game in the series, Football Manager 2024, is getting released so soon. Sega’s upcoming title also marks the first time a Football Manager game is launching in Japan.

Furthermore, Xbox Game Pass subscribers will be able to play Football Manager 2024 through the service at launch on Xbox Series X/S and PC. Even players who game on their smartphones can get in on the action with the title’s mobile version, which will be available via Netflix.

The mobile release for the game does not come as a big surprise though, because its predecessor, Football Manager 2023, received a Touch version that was part of Apple Arcade.

The Football Manager YouTube channel shared an “Official Announce Trailer” for Football Manager 2024 just yesterday, which included an update about the game’s release date.

Accompanying the trailer is a description that tells fans to “perfect” their “tactic, search for the next wonderkid, and find” their “winning edge – because Progress Never Stops.” According to the development team, the upcoming title is the “most complete edition” of any game in the series yet.

Moreover, PC and Mac players can actually get early access to Football Manager 2024 at 10% off, if they pre-purchase the game before November 6 from Steam or Epic. You can check out the trailer here.

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Football Manager 2024 Will Include Plenty of New Features

Football Manager 2024 will be the "most complete edition" of the long-running game series yet.
Football Manager 2024 will be the “most complete edition” of the long-running game series yet.

You’re probably wondering what exactly is different and new about Football Manager 2024 to make it the “most complete edition” of the series.

According to the development team, the game will feature “new tools” that “empower you to develop a blueprint for success and lead your team to glory.” These new features will be unlocked systematically on different dates leading up to the game’s release:

  • Smarter Transfers, Squad Building & Finance, which will be unlocked on September 18
  • Introducing Intermediaries & Offloading Players, which will also be unlocked on September 18
  • Individual Player Targets & Interaction Logic, which starts on September 24
  • Truer Football Motion, Match Authenticity & Positional Play, which will also begin on September 24
  • Set Pieces Refresh & Coaches Debut, which will also be launched on September 24
  • FMFC Exclusive Blogs, which will commence on October 1 and October 8
The new additions in Football Manager 2024 aim to:
deepen the immersion and elevate your gameplay experience with upgrades to set pieces, man management, squad building, Matchday and much more.
Are you looking forward to playing Football Manager 2024 on November 6? Are you excited for all the new features and does this look like it really will be the most complete edition? Let us know in the comments!

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