“For me, this is it”: Andor Star Diego Luna Confirms It Will Be His Last Outing as Cassian Andor as Show Gets Called Star Wars Made by HBO

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Diego Luna has been playing the character of Cassian Andor since the year 2016 when he starred in Rouge One: A Star Wars Story (2016). The actor is reportedly tired of the new way of things as he confirms that the upcoming Andor series will be his last portrayal of the character of Cassian Andor.

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The upcoming Disney+ series Andor is a prequel to the Star Wars spinoff Rouge One: A Star Wars Story and will feature Diego Luna in the lead role.


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Diego Luna as Cassian Andor in the Star Wars universe.
Diego Luna is Cassian Andor in the Star Wars universe.

Diego Luna Talks About The Return of Andor

Diego Luna, in an interview, stated that there was a possibility of him returning as Cassian Andor but he didn’t pay much attention to it. The only possibility they kept coming back to was a prequel to Rouge One.

Andor is a prequel to Rouge One.
Andor is a prequel to Rouge One.

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“I would be lying if I tell you that I never thought of it. Obviously I did think of it, and we made so many jokes on set on what the possibilities were of coming back. And obviously one was going on a prequel, but I never thought of it as a real chance.”

The actor further stated that the expectations of people are what’s killing him from the inside as these new formats feel “unhealthy” to the actor.


“I didn’t find it healthy. I don’t like this thing these days that these new formats are bringing, where people are always expecting more. You go into a show, and you get hired to do something, and you are always thinking, ‘Oh, I hope there’s a second season,’ or, ‘I hope there’s part two.'”

The actor doesn’t enjoy dwelling on the past as he states in his statement that “it’s about living the present”.

“To me, I learned in my life that it’s about living the present. It’s about enjoying what you’re doing. And for the sake of my mental health and clarity, I would say things need to have a beginning and an end for me to understand them and enjoy them and enjoy the ride. Until today I can tell you, I haven’t gone into a project with that ambition of hoping it would last longer or it will go to somewhere else than what I have in front of me.” 

Diego Luna Bids A Heart-felt Adieu To Star Wars

Diego Luna in Narcos: Mexico (2018-2021).
Diego Luna in Narcos: Mexico (2018-2021).

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Diego Luna is known for portraying the character of  Miguel Ángel Félix Gallardo in Narcos: Mexico (2018-2021). The actor works in movies and series that have a clear ending. His character of Miguel Ángel, much like the character of Cassian Andor had a clear ending. The actor shared his statement about the end of things that are important to him.

“For me, it was pretty clear that Rogue One was a film that I had to enjoy from beginning to end. That at the end, I would be promoting it and then going back to my life and doing my stuff. And that was it. And it’s interesting, because then I got offered Andor, but with the same premise, because Andor has a clear ending, which is Rogue One. Once Tony Gilroy came up with the idea of going back five years, there is just five years to tell.”

Diego Luna will be seen as the character of Cassian Andor in the upcoming series Andor set for a release date on 21st September 2022 and will be available to stream on Disney+


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