For the First Time in History, Power of Discord Liberates Helldivers 2 Planet – Next Stop Valyria 5?

Will the power of community once again take shape and liberate the planet of Valyria 5?

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  • Helldivers 2's communtiy created a history with the liberation of Angel's Venture.
  • Discord helped with keeping the coordination up for all the helldivers to achieve this feat.
  • The liberation of Veld stands as a testament to community-driven triumph.
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Helldivers 2 is quite a popular game now and has a very big community. The community can be very critical about various things in the game, but when it matters the most, they can bend together and get the job done. Recently, the community came together to attack and liberate the planet called Angel’s Venture. 


This was a massive undertaking as players had to coordinate their attacks through Discord. But through hardship and dedication, all the players were finally able to liberate Angel’s Venture. Now the next goal of these players seems to be Planet Valyria 5. 

Helldivers 2’s Community bends together to liberate

Helldivers 2 rocket
Helldivers 2 players liberated Angel’s Venture | Arrowhead Game Studios

Players just created history in Helldivers 2 as they came together to form a massive group and help each other through the use of Discord. Angel’s Venture liberation was not an easy task and to co-ordinate attacks with over 10s of thousands of players is even more impressive. 


Discord, which is a very popular communication platform, became the command center where players made all their plans and strategies. The need for an in-game UI for all these types of coordination has been appealed by players for a long time but developers have yet to implement it.

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After getting the victory and full control, all the players went to Reddit to share this feat with the whole community. Players who didn’t get to participate are now also excited to join the team and help with the next adventure.

Angel’s Venture was successfully defended
byu/brandon-thesis inhelldivers2


byu/brandon-thesis from discussion

byu/brandon-thesis from discussion

Now that Angel’s Venture is fully liberated, these players can create their plans for future raids and liberations. The next planet in on players’ minds is Valyria 5. which will prove to be a challenge but with coordination like this, any planet can be liberated!


Is Planet Valyria 5 Next for Helldivers 2’s players?

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What’s next for the Helldivers 2 community | Arrowhead Game Studios’ Helldivers 2

The power of community is undeniable as they proved with Angel’s Venture, but the next goal seems to be Valyria 5. This is an unknown planet, so players don’t have the full knowledge about the enemies and the surrounding. 

This will be a big undertaking that will take some time before players can start the liberation of Valyria 5. The planning for liberating the planet is already in many players’ minds as this big win has made players confident in their abilities and this is a matter of time when they will actually achieve it. This camaraderie and dedication to democracy will 100% be approved by Super Earth.

Still, the one question in everyone’s mind right now is- When will developers introduce a new UI that can make these coordination attempts even smoother? Until then, Discord and a few other applications can help with coordinating. So, there is no time to waste. Helldivers, prepare your gear and rally your squads for the next big adventure!


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