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“For the love of God, let this franchise sail off”: Toy Story 5 Bringing Back Iconic Woody-Buzz Duo as Fans Cringe

"For the love of God, let this franchise sail off": Toy Story 5 Bringing Back Iconic Woody-Buzz Duo as Fans Cringe

Pixar Studios became pioneers in the world of animation through a unique form of storytelling that seamlessly blended visual effects and emotion with powerful and philosophical narratives. The production house was also the first to create a film based entirely on computer-generated animation with the iconic Toy Story.

Toy Story
A still from Toy Story

The 4-part films series which first came out in 1995 was an instant hit with audiences and critics for its relatable characters and sentiments that mirrored real-life feelings and emotions. The highlight of the film was the relationship between an old-fashioned pull-string cowboy doll named Woody and a modern space cadet action figure named Buzz Lightyear which formed the core of the narrative. But the news of Pixar planning a 5th installment is not being viewed as a great idea by the public.

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Netizens React Negatively to Toy Story 5

Pixar Head Pete Docter confirmed in a recent interview that the studio is planning a 5th installment of the hugely popular animated franchise Toy Story. Following this announcement, netizens took to social media to express their opinions on the decision. Surprisingly, many viewers were not in favor of the film being made. While Toy Story 3 was considered to have culminated the story perfectly with the toys finding their new owner, Toy Story 4 was also appreciated for its full circle romance arc between the toys Woody and Bo Peep. Toy Story 5, therefore, seemed to be unnecessary according to viewers.

Pete Docter
Pixar Boss Pete Docter announced that Toy Story 5 is in the works

From the tweet reactions, it seems evident that fans have had their fill of the narrative and the characters in the earlier films and are not keen on dragging a well-rounded relationship with a perfect ending any further.

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How Toy Story Was Saved By Tom Hanks

Pixar’s Toy Story franchise is one of the most memorable film series that pioneered a whole new method of storytelling in animation combining profound emotion with lighthearted humor. A large part of the film’s success is thanks to Tom Hanks who voiced the kindhearted cowboy toy Woody making him one of the most endearing characters across animated features of all time. But Hanks did just more than lend his voice. He was instrumental in giving the franchise its identity and saving it from oblivion.

Tom Hanks
Tom Hanks was the voice behind the popular character Woody in Toy Story

Despite Toy Story’s stupendous success in theaters, there were serious talks about sending its sequel Toy Story 2 straight to DVD without it releasing on the big screen. But when Hanks and Tim Allen who voiced Buzz Lightyear got wind of this new plan, they vehemently opposed it. The actor echoed Allen’s thoughts as well when he said,

“Tim and I and everybody else connected with it wanted to know why. We said it should be released as a film because it was magnificent and as good as the first one. Usually, sequels are pale imitations and are slapped on video but this was really great,” 

Thanks to the unconditional support of its main star, Toy Story went on expand into more sequels and received widespread praise from audiences and critics across the world. With Toy Story 5 in the works and not receiving too much support online, it remains to be seen what the film’s talisman Tom Hanks has to say about the future of the franchise.

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