“For women it’s a sprint not a marathon”: Emma Stone Recalls Sexist Advice She Received In Hollywood During Her Oscar Winning Career

Emma Stone recalls unsolicited 'garbage' advice she received regarding men and women in Hollywood during her starting years at Hollywood.

"For women it's a sprint not a marathon": Emma Stone Recalls Sexist Advice She Received In Hollywood During Her Oscar Winning Career


  • Oscar-winning actress Emma Stone is a remarkable actor and performer who has achieved what other actors cannot even fathom of.
  • While receiving her latest accolade, Stone recalled the sexist 'garbage' advice that Hollywood gave her during her early years in the film industry.
  • Disregarding the unsolicited advice, she expresses genuine gratitude for all the opportunities she has gotten and the accolades she has won.
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There might be a couple thousand or more accomplished, talented young actors in Hollywood today but none shine as brightly and as effortlessly as Emma Stone. It has been 20 years now since the actress made her debut yet she not only carved a niche for herself as a versatile performer but also defied conventions and norms by achieving such success at a relatively young age.

Emma Stone (image via Flickr)
Emma Stone (image via Flickr)

And now the actress just earned another accolade at the Desert Palm Achievement Award, during the acceptance of which she got candid and revealed the sexist advice she had received at the start of her Hollywood career.

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Emma Stone On Hollywood’s Sexist Advice

Stone with her award (via On The Red Carpet | X)
Stone with her award (via On The Red Carpet | X)

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Emma Stone, in the 20 years she has been in the film industry, has achieved what many actors even in their prime and decades-old careers fail to achieve. Defying norms and breaking conventions, the actress stood tall and unparalleled with her unwavering grace even when certain people gave her unsolicited sexist advice about how she must go about in the film industry as a woman.

Thankfully not taking any heed, Stone is now an Oscar-winning, BAFTA-winning, Golden Globe-winning actress with numerous other accolades to her name. And on Thursday night the actress secured another win as she received the Desert Palm Achievement Award at the Palm Springs International Film Awards of 2024.


While giving her acceptance speech, the actress revealed what advice she had received during her early years in Hollywood (via IndieWire),

“When I first moved to L.A., I went to one of those general meetings that they sometimes send you to, and an executive told me that for male actors, it’s a marathon, not a sprint. And in his eyes, for women, it was a sprint, not a marathon. And that was 20 years ago.”

She added on,

“And I realize that advice is total garbage because the majority of the women that I look up to in this industry, many of whom are in this room, have proven that as time goes on, life and work only get more interesting and more fulfilling.”

The La La Land actress added as the crowd erupted in applause, proving that true success knows no gender or timeline but only the relentless pursuit of one’s goals with extreme dedication, an act that Emma Stone continues to show.


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Emma Stone Is Genuinely Grateful For Her Career And Opportunities

Emma Stone in a still from Poor Things (2023)
Emma Stone in a still from Poor Things (2023)

Emma Stone has shown remarkable acting prowess despite her relatively short career. From portraying Gwen Stacy in The Amazing Spider-Man to more nuanced characters in films like Poor Things and Cruella, she is a definition of what is called a true actor.

While accepting her award at the 2024 Palm Springs International Film Awards (via IndieWire) she sincerely expressed her gratitude towards all she has managed to achieve, and how she would continue to run this ‘marathon’.


“I have so much gratitude genuinely for this moment. I’m grateful that I get to keep trying new things and for the opportunity to make choices when it comes to work because I know how rare and fleeting it could be to choose what you wanna do or who you wanna work with as an actor. I am really so thankful for that. I hope for many more years of the chance to take swings and to try new things and to keep this marathon going.”

While she continues on this new path she has carved for herself, exploring, embracing, and performing, we hope like anyone else would, that she continues to shine in the grand tapestry of Hollywood luminaries, remaining a timeless force in the industry.


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