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Forever Gone: 11 Beloved Comic Book Characters You Didn’t Know Are Dead

Death is rarely permanent in the comic books. But in these cases, they are. These beloved comic book characters are dead, embracing the void once and for all.

Alfred Pennyworth Was Killed When Bane Snapped His Neck

Year of Death – 2019

Batman was fighting a losing battle against Bane and an alternate reality Thomas Wayne. Bane had kept Alfred hostage, leaving Batman’s hands tied. Alfred made the sacrifice play by falsifying information that he had escaped. In reality, Bane captured Damian Wayne and made him watch as he broke snapped the iconic butler’s neck like a twig. Alfred’s demise tore Bruce Wayne inside and out.

The Original Black Widow Was Killed By Captain America (The Current One Is Actually A Clone)

Year of Death – 2017

During the events of Secret Empire, Hydra used the Cosmic Cube to rwrite Captain America’s history. He was now a Hydra sleeper agent who aided in the terrorist organization’s efforts to take over the United States of America. Black Widow ran a resistance campaign, training an underground group of superheroes called the Champions.

Miles Morales, a Champions member, was prophesized to kill Captain America. He would confront the evil Cap but Black Widow managed to save the young boy by getting in the way. Cap’s shield connected with her neck and Natasha fell right then and there. The Red Room then quickly replaced her with an identical clone with the same memories.

Deadshot Was Shot Dead

Year of Death – 2020

Deadshot realizes he has already served enough Suicide Squad missions to gain a complete pardon. When he confronts Ted Kord, the successor to Amanda Waller, he sees Superman has already entered the room and tied Kord up. Deadshot is finally free but he comes back when he theorizes why would a superhero as strong as Superman would need to tie Kord up. ‘Superman’ was actually Black Mask. He shoots Deadshot ad his body flies out of a building and onto the ground.

Galactus Was Murdered By Thor

Year of death – 2020

Galactus enlisted Thor’s help and granted him the Power Cosmic. Thor, now as the new Herald of Galactus, ran afoul of his master when the latter refused to stop eating sentient worlds to gain enough strength to fight the Black Winter. Thor killed him and turned Galactus’ body into a cosmic bomb that killed Black Winter. Galactus no longer exists.

Hank Pym’s Body Now belongs To Ultron

Year of Death – 2015

When Ultron resurfaced in Rage of Ultron, Hank Pym joined forces with the Avengers to take him down. Vision’s phasing powers accidentally merged Ultron and Pym into Ultron Pym. At first thought to be an amalgamation, it is later revealed Ultron is the one in the driver’s seat, controlling Pym’s body like a meat puppet. Hank Pym died in that accident.

The Original Version Of Loki Died More Than A Decade Ago

Year of Death – 2010

Loki teamed up with Norman Osborn to take down Asgard. When Osborn all but obliterated his childhood home, Loki turned on him. He tried using the Norn Stones to change the events that transpired. Osborn ordered the Void – Sentry‘s powerful alter ago, to tear him apart down to the molecular level. Loki was reborn again in the form of Kid Loki. Things have not been the same since.

Valkyrie Was Beheaded By Malekith In The New York Times Square

Brunnhilde is the original Valkyrie, who has been a part of teams like Lady Liberators, Avengers, and the Defenders. She is one of the good guys, having defended Midgard against otherworldly threats. When Malekith invaded Times Square, many superheroes came to earth’s defense. A Doctor Strange spell gone wrong transported away every hero except her. She valiantly fought the dark Elf Lord. But Malekith eventually got the better of her, decapitating her for the world to see. Jane Foster and many others have since taken up her mantle.

Karen Page Is Dead Since More Than 20 Years

Year of Death – 1999

After Mysterio tricked her into thinking she had AIDS, Karen contacted Daredevil for help. Matt was then embroiled in a battle with Bullseye. When Karen saw Bullseye throw a projectile aimed at his heart, she threw herself in front of her one true love. Karen died in Matt’s arms.

Hellboy Died, Went to Hell, And Set the Place On Fire

Year of Death – 2011

After defeating Nimue – the Queen of Blood, Hellboy perished. he was sent straight to hell. And there too, he resorted to his usual antics of creating a ruckus. After a while, Hellboy confronted Belzebub – the greatest Lord of Hell. Hellboy killed him and then settled down in a rather peaceful corner of hell, accepting his fate and fading out of existence.

Rick Grimes Becomes The Walking Dead

Year of Death – 2019

Discovering rampart corruption within an advanced post apocalyptic civilization called the Commonwealth, Rick helped oust the leadership and restore democracy. For his actions, a disgruntled son of one of the leaders broke into his room and shot him several times. Carl visited his father’s room the next day, only to put him down in what could be described as the most painful moment in the history of The Walking Dead.

Happy Hogan Died When A Broken Tony Was Forced To Pull The Plug

Year of Death – 2007

Happy Hogan suffered multiple lethal injuries after a fight with the villain Spymaster – a fight Happy actually won. But he ended up in a coma. Pepper and Tony saw Happy’s brain dead state in the hospital. A distraught Pepper requests Tony to pull the plug on Happy because he would not have wanted to live this way. Initially refusing to do so, Tony agreed to respect his only true friend’s final wish.

Written by Bibhu Prasad Panda

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