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Former Adult Performer and Euphoria Star Chloe Cherry on Why P*rn Industry is So Toxic for Women: “It’s just run by a bunch of stupid old white men”

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Euphoria star Chloe Cherry has made a name for herself, for reasons more than a 25-year-old may have the need for. Having been seduced by the allure and glamour of the adult industry, she moved at the early age of 18 to the sunshine state capital, Miami, where her idealized image of the high-end life and overflowing money would all come crashing down. However, the adult star found her way out of the lifestyle which she now recalls as being highly restrictive, and finds a place in one of the most talked-about shows of recent times.

Chloe Cherry
Chloe Cherry opens up about her disillusionment with the adult industry

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Chloe Cherry Talks About Her Time in the Adult Industry

In the recent past, very few shows have been able to make as much ruckus as the HBO teen drama series Euphoria. And one of its most recent additions has been Chloe Cherry who portrays Faye, an addict who is mostly seen crashing at Fezco and Ashtray’s place. But her early rise to stardom was a far throw from what an ideal start would look like to most young actors.

Chloe Cherry as Faye in HBO's Euphoria
Chloe Cherry as Faye in HBO’s Euphoria

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Guided and defined by the faux glamour of the p*rn industry for the initial few years, Cherry soon turned fraught with the falsities that cover up the worst part of the adult industry. She recalls how her time there had resulted in her suffering from body dysmorphia due to the profession’s extremely restrictive lifestyle. Cherry’s advocacy for body issues stems from her criticism that the adult industry has always been too busy keeping up with societal trends rather than progressing out of limiting views of an ideal body type.

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The Falsities Beneath the Glamour of P*rn Industry

Chloe Cherry draws a stark comparison of the disparities she witnessed between the fashion and the adult industries. Most of all, her criticism is levied at body types and the liberty afforded to the former for its clientele’s varied demography.

“The p*rn industry is so much more toxic when it comes to body image than the fashion industry. I’ve been in both, and in the fashion industry people just allow bodies to be, and I see girls of many different body types on sets and I love it. I think [the adult industry] is stuck there because I think all the people that run it are just old… It’s just like every other industry, it’s just run by a bunch of stupid old white men.”

Euphoria‘s break-out star Chloe Cherry talks about battling body dysmorphia

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After suffering through the disillusionment of the first three years, Cherry left the industry and began working odd jobs, traveling around as a set decorator, until eventually getting spotted for the HBO hit. Now, she not only reigns as a Euphoria favorite but also models as the face of Urban Decay’s Vice Lip Bond.

Euphoria is now streaming on HBO Max.

Source: Going Mental Podcast

Written by Diya Majumdar

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