Former Rockstar Developer Claims That the Company Doesn’t Have the Resources to Launch GTA 6 Day One on PC

Here's why a PC launch takes time.

Former Rockstar Developer Claims That the Company Doesn’t Have the Resources to Launch GTA 6 Day One on PC


  • Rockstar Games has a habit of launching games on consoles first.
  • Delaying a PC launch preserves the game's quality and experience.
  • Mike York has worked with Rockstar Games for five years.
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The popularity surrounding Rockstar’s first official GTA 6 reveal has raised the bar for everything fans want to know about the game going forward. From settings and characters to release dates and platforms; the eagerness is uncanny. This is where, a particular YouTuber takes the spotlight, creating content that’s slightly different from the rest.


Mike York, a charismatic YouTuber who used to work with Rockstar Games, has been sharing his thoughts about the trailer and how things work at Rockstar. In a recent video, she shared his opinions around the fact that Rockstar prioritized launching on consoles first, and not PC. 

Prioritising GTA 6’s sales on console.

GTA 6 pc
While console players will celebrate the game’s day 1 launch, PC gamers will have to wait a while.

Before we dive into the details, it’s important to note that Rockstar has yet again made it official; GTA 6 will first arrive on the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series S/X. This isn’t surprising to fans, as previous entries in the Grand Theft Auto series as well as other titles have launched on console first. As annoying and disheartening as it may be, Rockstar has plenty of reasons to do so, according to Mike.


The former animator at Rockstar had one simple thing to admit about the company. The devs like to optimize the game for console first because that’s the way they’ve been doing it for years, and it helps them bring out the game’s potential the most. Simply put:

They wanna prioritize what sells.

And, it’s pretty evident it works. Take for example GTA 5’s sales; it made over $800 million in the first 24 hours. This was during the PS3 era, and Mike explains how the team made sure that the game was running its best, making maximum use of the console’s capabilities at the time. A similar logic for Xbox 360 at the time.

Why Does the PC version of a game take so long to come out?


This brings us to modern consoles, where PS5 and Xbox Series X will try to do justice to the game’s detailed world as best as they can. This also includes the little beast Xbox Series S, which will attempt to optimize and run the game without any issues.

Not only does this ensure universally acclaimed quality on consoles, but it makes things for Rockstar a bit simple when polishing the game for a worldwide audience of gamers.

Preventing a bad PC experience.

GTA 6 Rockstar Games
The wait for a PC launch will ensure that the game runs at its best potential and gives players an optimal experience.

Now, let’s talk about PC, and why it’ll take a while until we see the next GTA over there. There are two major parts to this. Firstly, optimizing the game for PC indirectly means making the game run on a system that is different for almost every gamer. Think of all the different GPUs and other configurations that make a PC unique to the player’s needs.


Imagine how much time and resources this might take. According to Mike’s experience, Rockstar Games simply didn’t have enough manpower and resources to make a PC launch happen sooner for GTA 5. While we’re not sure if that’s the case with the next GTA, it’s likely true that the game needs even more time and resources.

Secondly, a fact many don’t think about is the game’s authenticity. Launching the game on PC on day 1 also means inviting modders, hackers, and pirates to get a hold of the game, changing how gamers experience Rockstar’s passion project. According to Mike:

If they release their game on PC the same day as the console they run the risk of hackers and modders changing the core gaming experience they want to deliver to the players.

Rockstar’s attention to detail is almost a part of their brand and philosophy with the kind of games they make, so it’s not out of the blue to consider this one as a possible reason. Furthermore, Mike York’s words hold importance considering his experience working with Rockstar Games for 5 years, on titles like Grand Theft Auto 5 and Red Dead Redemption 2


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