Former X-Men Actors from Fox Movies Will Reportedly Be a Part of Avengers: Secret Wars

Former X-Men Actors from Fox Movies Will Reportedly Be a Part of Avengers: Secret Wars
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For years fans have been waiting to see their favorite superheroes in the MCU. While many superheroes have already established themselves in the cinematic universe, there is still a huge list that is yet to appear in the Marvel films and shows, and one of these includes X-Men. The studio is introducing Deadpool and Wolverine in phase 5, and there have been multiple speculations about more mutants joining the force in phase 5 or 6. The wait is over, as X-Men characters are reportedly set to take the stage in Avengers: Secret Wars. 


A recent rumor has suggested that the studio is planning to bring former X-Men stars back in action into the MCU. This would even hype the anticipation for the upcoming Marvel film, and hopefully, fans would once again get to see some of their favorite mutants in action. 

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X-Men Reportedly to Join Avengers in Secret Wars

The Heavy Spoilers YouTube Channel discussed some of the plot leaks and rumors about Avengers: Secret Wars. While talking about some of the characters that might appear in the film, the report mentioned that Marvel Studios is reportedly planning to bring in some of the former X-Men actors from the 20th Century Fox universe.

The X-Men have finally crossed over to MCU
The X-Men have finally crossed over to MCU

The report then mentioned that the studio is planning to bring back as many actors as they can, for Secret Wars. According to rumors, the studio is planning “to sign new contracts with some of the stars” in order to bring all those characters into one “streamlined universe.”

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“That’s more what they’re aiming for with [Avengers: Secret Wars’ climax], every franchise on screen at the same time, all alongside each other, ready to duke it out with Kang.”

Marvel yet to incorporate the X-Men into the MCU
X-Men: Apocalypse

Marvel Studios is reportedly planning to move ahead according to comics. In comics, Marvel had a lot of different universes existing alongside each other. The purpose behind the Secret Wars was to bring all the favorite superheroes altogether into one universe. 

The studio is also expected to follow the idea for the 2026 Avengers: Secret Wars, which would allow some of the X-Men characters to appear in the 2026 Avengers.

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Who Else Could Appear in Avengers: Secret Wars?

Not just X-Men, but many more superheroes are expected to join Avengers in Secret Wars. With Fantastic Four making their MCU debut in 2025, the superhero team could also appear in the film. There have been reports regarding Kevin Feige’s vision to have a similar portals scene as 2019’s Endgame, but this time not just for the MCU characters.

The rumors include that the Marvel President is planning to include all the live-action Spider-Men, Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine, along with several other X-Men characters. However, there is no confirmation about which cast members would be reprising their respective roles in the future.

The Russo brothers explain why marvel is delaying X-Men projects
Team of Mutants from the X-Men Movies.

James McAvoy, who played Professor X in multiple films, is expected to reprise his role in the MCU. While some of the cast is enthusiastic about returning, others have also said they are finished with their roles. 


This could also be due to the studio’s future plans with the mutants. Marvel is allegedly planning to continue with the mutants following phase 6, and some of the actors have expressed that they do not want to continue playing their X-Men characters.

The studio has not yet confirmed anything, and the report is just a rough idea about what might happen in Avengers: Secret Wars. 

Avengers: Secret Wars is set to release on May 1, 2026.


Source: Heavy Spoilers


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