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Fortnite Extends Chapter 2’s Season One

It’s no surprise really that Fortnite Chapter 2‘s season one would be extended into February 2020.


The reasoning behind this will have many fans excited to see what might be coming next for Fortnite. The decision was made so that Epic can focus on holiday seasonal updates. They have even hinted at “new game features”.

This isn’t a surprise for anyone who has followed Fortnite as Epic has made it a tradition to extend each season. Usually, it’s done in the hope that other players would have enough time to catch-up on challenges. This time around, it sounds more like Epic has something exciting planned for its fans.

With a new year comes new beginnings! Last year we celebrated 14 Days of Fortnite over the holidays. This year we’ve got even more content for to unwrap, including new game features, free rewards and a live experience that you won’t want to miss. To prepare for all the new holiday-themed updates, we will be extending Chapter 2’s first season into early February. Get ready for winter!


Last year saw a massive makeover for the map with 14 Days of Fortnite. Each day within the event brought new limited-time modes (LTMs) and even brought back some old ones. Epic also created some new outfits and updated holiday costumes that had been on the Item Shop daily.

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With the release of “Frozen 2” coming soon, it’s also possible that Epic has a crossover planned between its game and the massively successful Disney original. It wouldn’t be the first time that Fortnite saw itself crossing over with a newly released movie. John Wick 3 and Avengers: Endgame are only some of the crossovers that Fortnite has been associated with. However, this is all just speculation right now, with nothing being confirmed.

Information on what to expect from the events, updates and LTMs that Epic Games is little to nothing right now. However, once more information is revealed, we’ll be sure to let you know!

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