Fortnite OG Brings Back More Classic Content From Years Gone By

Fortnite OG has begun, and it has already brought with it a few recognizable items, weapons, and vehicles for classic Fortnite fans to enjoy.

Fortnite OG Brings Back More Classic Content from Years Gone By


  • Fortnite OG brings back a classic map, with some old memories attached.
  • Fortnite OG brings back some of the most fun items, weapons, and vehicles for players to enjoy.
  • Fortnite OG is almost over, with the Eminem event leading us into a new Fortnite era.
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For all those classic Fortnite OG players who have been looking for an excuse to jump back into the game, even for a little bit, there’s good news, as currently there is an update that is being run through it, heading to the era of the old Fortnite.


During this update, players will be brought back to one of the classic maps during the Season X period of the game, which was released over four years ago. Along with this classic map, there will even be classic items that will be brought back into the game for a limited time for players to enjoy or despise, depending on their experience with them.

What Items Will Be Returning Within Fortnite OG?

Fortnite OG brings back some classic items, vehicles, and weapons.
Fortnite OG brings back some classic items, vehicles, and weapons.

Even though this season is titled Fortnite OG, not all the items that were involved in Season X will be returning, and some items from Season 9 will also be making their return. Epic Games considers the Fortnite OG season to encompass both Season 9 and Season X and take players back to a fun and chaotic time in Fortnite‘s history.


One of the main items that will most likely catch the eyes of classic Fortnite fans is The Baller, which will be making its triumphant return after being vaulted back in Season X. The Baller is a rather unique vehicle that is both loved and hated by the Fortnite community, as it has had a rather rocky history.

Even though it is a fun vehicle that allows players to traverse the map at a mega-fast speed, it was also a vehicle that allowed players to stay alive in the storm upon its first release. This led to many changes within The Baller, and now hopefully the gaming community is happy with it, especially since it will only be returning for a short time.

Along with The Baller, there is one other item that will be re-appearing that will catch players eyes, which is the Storm Flipper, and it can either be used to keep you alive within the storm if it is thrown inside it, or if it is thrown it, it will generate its own storm cloud, damaging those caught in its radius.


Both of these items are very unique and, back in the day, were very fun to use to achieve victory, but along with these two items, there will be other pieces of equipment that will be unvaulted for this new season.

These items are Drone POIs, Drum Shotgun, Chug Splasher, Proximity Grenade Launcher, Air Strikes, Heavy Sniper, Infantry Rifle, Junk Rift, and finally the Jetpack. All of these items will become available within Fortnite OG and will most likely create a lot of chaos and new moments for players to enjoy during this new season.

How Long Will These Items Be Available, and Why Should Gamers Rush to Play the Fortnite OG Season?

Fortnite OG brings back some classic items, vehicles, and weapons.
Fortnite OG brings back the Season X map, with all its chaotic glory.

Unfortunately, the Fortnite OG season will only be a small one, as it is essentially an intermission between the past season and the upcoming Eminem event that will be taking place on December 2nd, which introduces players to the new season within Fortnite.


Since this has only been classified as a small season in which players can play Fortnite OG, the weapons, items, and vehicles that have been un-vaulted within this short season will also be leaving once the season ends.

At the moment, the Fortnite OG season is already taking place and will end very soon as the Eminem event is speedily approaching. Once the Eminem event takes place, a new era for Fortnite will begin, which Epic Games has been hyping up for awhile now, as it will hopefully bring many gamers back to this long-standing franchise.

So far, these items, weapons, and vehicles have only been re-released for this new season, and it hasn’t been announced whether or not they will be making their return sometime in the future or if they will be vaulted forever after this update, but for those who never experienced the joy of The Baller or the Storm Flipper, now is your chance, as you may never get another.


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