“If I was a 5 year old”: Fortnite Streamer Ninja Goes Off on Newest Season and the New Vehicle Meta

Ninja isn't too thrilled with the new additions in the latest season of Fortnite.

Fortnite Ninja Streamer
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  • Ninja has strong words about the latest season of Fortnite and could inspire others to do the same.
  • Epic Games made some improvements to the vehicles in Fortnite, and not everyone is a fan of the idea.
  • Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 3 could feature more overhauls and improvements throughout the weeks.
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Fortnite continues to maintain its popularity thanks to the creativity of the developers but some of their ideas are not for everybody. Players can now eliminate enemies with mounted weapons on vehicles and one famous streamer isn’t too fond of it and stands by his opinion.


Chapter 5 Season 3 featured a few changes that mostly involved the vehicles. These hunks of metal aren’t used solely for traversing the massive map but they are now capable of eliminating enemy players from afar or close range and Ninja is not a fan of this idea.

Ninja Is Not Happy With the New Fortnite Vehicles

The latest season of Fortnite fails to secure the seal of approval of Ninja.
The latest season of Fortnite fails to secure the seal of approval of Ninja.

The latest season rolled out a few days ago and the gaming community already established solid opinions regarding the changes and improvements Epic Games has made. Some players are having fun using the upgraded vehicles that make them twice as deadly but others are ready for mounted weapons on cars to disappear. There is a fine line between toxic and fun and the latest season of Fortnite is the epitome of that idea and Ninja went off and shared his opinion.


The idea of making the vehicles more useful is inspired by the dystopian world of Mad Max and earlier rumors suggest that this season will feature a new hijack mechanic which would elevate the gameplay experience. Ninja humored the idea, but he believes this new feature would appeal more to children than to full-grown adults who are playing competitively.

Players are already taking advantage of the destructive capabilities of the machine gun and mounted cannons before the developers take notice of the complaints and respond by nerfing the efficiency to avoid any more backlash. Perhaps it won’t be long before Epic Games vaulted this feature like they did with the suitcase turret which was deemed too overpowered by the fans.


Epic Games Should Consider Nerfing the Vehicles in Fortnite

Ninja claims that the latest season of Fortnite is now for losers.
Ninja claims that the latest season of Fortnite is now for losers.

Casual players will most likely not pay attention or care for these additions but those who play competitively will and Epic Games could have a problem on their hands if they fail to remedy the situation.

The streamer is quite influential and has gained some respect from the gaming community and credibility for his display of skill and talent in the live service game.

Perhaps the streamer was quite harsh with his choice of words, which is evident to his dismay. The developers have gotten experimental over the past few years and the inclusion of the bending principles from the Avatar: The Last Airbender series raised a few eyebrows about the raw power of these mythic items that even Doja Cat disliked.


The developers hinted about the addition of mounted weapons on cars after the vice president subtly confirmed it before the update went live. Perhaps the team believed this feature would improve the player count but failed to consider the consequences that pushed players away instead.

Ninja is a public figure and speaking out about this issue could rattle some cages. Are you in agreement with what the streamer said about the latest season of Fortnite? Let us know in the comments section below!


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