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‘Fortnite: Battle Royale’ Week 9 Challenges Walkthrough

The people over at Epic Games continue to blow us away with their very popular, ever evolving… Fortnite: Battle Royal.  Their weekly challenges (though sometimes repetitive) are a “must-do” for anyone serious about the game.  The challenges are the games main source of experience for both battle pass tiers and season levels.

Our second to last weekly challenge list of Season 4 just arrived last night and Fandomwire is here to give you a break down on how to knock out these challenges in record time.(Omega skin, here we come!)

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Deal Damage with Explosive Weapons to Opponents

Now this one is pretty straight forward. Its one of those challenges that just takes time. Just make sure to pick up some explosives and use them! You miss 100% of the shots you don’t make so start chucking those 10 grenades you’ve got hogging your inventory.

TIP: Explosive damage done to yourself counts for this challenge.

Search Chests in Moisty Mire

Also straight forward, this one might prove a bit challenging for newer players due to the large quantity of people landing with you.  Try, try again and eventually you will get 7 chests.

TIP: Try changing game modes.  People in certain game modes aren’t concerned with challenges.

Use a Shopping Cart

This one is easy enough. Find a shopping cart and use it! Shopping carts were just added back into the game so have some fun with them.

Visit the Center of Names Locations in a Single Match

Now this might sound easy, but it things never work out the way you want to in Fortnite.  A small white beacon will appear in the center of named locations… all you have to do is walk over four of them.

TIP: Plot a course and stick to it.

Follow the Treasure Map Found in Haunted Hills

Now these battle star challenges are always a bit on the harder side (that is probably why your here), but fear not! Here is the break down.

The map they are speaking about is found in the little shack south of the church in Haunted Hills. Enter the shack and you’ll see the map.  It looks like this…

If your unable to make it out… what your looking at is Junk Junction. Which, lucky for you, isn’t too far away.

Head on over and pick up that Battle Star!

TIP: You don’t HAVE to go to the map first, you can just go pick up the star once you know where it is located.  

Shotgun Eliminations

Find a shotgun… kill some people. Simple enough, right?

If your having trouble getting kills with shotguns you can always knock an opponent in duos, squads, or a LTM and then finish them with a shotgun. (It still counts)

TIP: Land in a populated area. Shotguns are your best friends in close quarters areas like Shifty and Tilted Towers

Eliminate Opponents in Anarchy Acres

This one might require you to land here MANY times.  Get the kills any way you like, but make sure your completely eliminating people if your playing in duos or squads.

TIP: Land at a gun, and start hunting RIGHT AWAY.  Getting the drop on other people who just landed or maybe don’t have a gun yet can be a game changer.

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