Forza Motorsport will be Missing Major Gameplay Feature on Launch

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Forza Motorsport is one of Xbox’s longest exclusives that has been going since 2005 and has gathered numerous gamers’ support over the years. There have already been seven versions of Forza Motorsport over the years, and now a brand new instalment is being developed, which is set to release on October 10th, but unfortunately, many long-time fans will be sad to see that a few gameplay features will be missing on release.


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What are these missing features in Forza Motorsport?

Forza Motorsport Will Be Missing Major Gameplay Feature On Launch

Forza Motorsport is, as it has always been, a racing game, and many fans enjoy the fast-paced racing action that they can take part in throughout Forza Motorsport games, but over the past few months, gamers have been made aware that “on release“, there will be some fan favourite features that will be missing from this long-standing racing game franchise.


Many gamers who have played Forza Motorsport’s older instalments will know that in the older games, there were three features that stood out amongst the rest, even if they were small features that no one would even notice in any other game. The three features that have been removed from Forza Motorsport due to the fact they are not planned to be ready by launch, and those features are spectator mode in featured multiplayer, AI racing in featured multiplayer, and split-screen.

Even though in a majority of other game franchises, some of these features will be considered either pointless or unwanted, in Forza Motorsport, they have been considered some of the best features that have been available in each version of the game, to the point they are even considered a legacy feature. Due to these features not being available on launch, many players will be pretty heartbroken, but for now, these features aren’t always going to be missing.

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Will these features make a comeback in the future?

Forza Motorsport Will Be Missing Major Gameplay Feature On Launch

Whenever these features get mentioned by the developers, they always tend to describe that these features will not be available “on release” or “at launch“, which tends to tell us that even though these features may not be available on October 10th, there is always a possibility that they could make a comeback sometime in the future as a possible update.

This isn’t necessarily a guaranteed thing, as many game developers have said something similar in the past but eventually went back on what they said and eventually just left certain features out of their games. This could entirely be possible for Forza Motorsport, but it is unlikely as they are aware that many of their fans love these features and are hoping that they will see them return sometime at a later date, but if the features cannot work, then they won’t be added.

What do you think about this information regarding missing features for Forza Motorsport? Will you be playing Forza Motorsport when it releases in October? Let us know in the comments what you think!


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