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Foundation Stars Talk Latest Apple TV+ Sci-Fi Series (EXCLUSIVE)

Foundation Stars Talk Latest Apple TV+ Sci-Fi Series

This Friday, September 24th, Apple TV+ launches its new groundbreaking Sci-Fi TV show, Foundation, based on Isaac Asimov’s novels, written in the 1940s. Foundation is considered by many to be the genesis of science fiction. In the Foundation series, we follow the journey of a group of characters in exile, whose goal is to save the civilization, after psychohistorian Hari Seldon, predicted that humanity was doomed to a tragic fate after the breakdown of the Empire. 

We were able to speak with the two stars of the show, Lou LLobell and Leah Harvey. Lou Llobell portrays Gaal Dornick, a young gifted girl whose abilities in mathematics will lead to being part of psychohistorian Hari Seldon’s secretive project on planet Trantor. Leah Harvey takes on the role of Salvor Hardin, a strong, influential, and guardian of planet Terminus. 

Watch our interviews down below:

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Comparing the upcoming TV show to Asimov’s novels, Lou LLobell declared:

I think that the script, the sets, the costumes, the characters, the stories (…) I think it really do it justice (…) and I hope that everyone appreciates it and enjoys it, as much as I have enjoyed making it.”

The trickiest part in casting for a story as famous and as admired as Foundation is to find the perfect actors to portray such well-known characters. Leah Harvey explained how showrunner David S. Goyer pointed at them in the audition room:

“I originally didn’t audition for Salvor, I auditioned for a different part, and David kind of saw me in the room, and was like ‘’Salvor!’’ which I think, you know means, that somehow she was already there, within me.”

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Written by Maëlle Beauget-Uhl

Reporter and news writer with an educational background in broadcast journalism at the New York Film Academy and a professional background in entertainment reporting and news writing.