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Four X-Men That Were Downgraded A Lot In Movies

This list is on four X-Men that were downgraded a lot in movies. We, the fans, understand that adjustments do need to be made when a character is transitioned to the big screen. It’s an inevitable process, but wow! Some heroes are drastically scaled-down in their power levels and importance on a team. Sometimes it can be for a good reason to limit their powers or we would have a short movie. Other times the studio/writers do this in order for surrounding heroes to have a bigger role. Still, there are some decisions that leave comic book fans scratching their heads thinking, why? Here are four personally chosen X-Men that were downgraded a lot in movies.

Powerhouses to what is this?!

1.) Darwin – X-Men: First Class (2011)
darwin downgraded 2

Coming straight for the jugular with this one, but Stevie Wonder lost in the dark woods could see the injustice that was put upon Darwin! Darwin is an underrated powerhouse of the X-Men that was grossly misrepresented in First Class. The man has the mutant ability that is reactive evolution. In layman’s terms, his body will adjust to any threat. I repeat, any threat, which means Darwin is on fire then his body becomes flame retardant. Can’t see in the dark? Let there be light, and now he can see in the dark now, ta-da! Instead, he dies in the lamest way possible by swallowing a blast, explodes and we never see him again. Everybody in the theater had this reaction.

2.) Storm – X2 (2003)
Storm X2

Five words for the people – “This is the only way”. Sorry, not sorry because that scene is the biggest crock of *beeeeep*. Storm has been royally screwed for years in X-Men films in both her godlike powers to control the weather and elements. Along with being an integral member/leader of the X-Men. It’s awesome to see fans happy about this particular scene in X2 where (spoilers) Jean sacrifices herself to save the team from being drownded and from the future Phoenix Force. In hindsight, it’s pointless if people watched X-Men: The Last Stand (2006). Storm easily could’ve prevented that flood and helped raise the ship up.

3.) Iceman – X-Men Movies
iceman downgrade

Actor Shawn Ashmore did the best he could do with each and every script he read. There was no saving his character in time, unfortunately. Iceman, an omega-level mutant that is one of the most powerful characters in Marvel was brought down to a whiney teenager then mediocre character as an adult. He does shoot ice out of his hands, but he’s way more than that! Iceman has whooped Thor’s butt now put that into perspective.

4.) Cyclops – X-Men (2000-2006)
cyclops downgrade

Cyclops isn’t always the most likeable member in comics, boy did the studio do his character dirty. Cyclops was nothing but a whiner, more than Iceman in every movie. Always having manhood measuring contest with Wolverine over Phoenix which got old real quick. Cyclops is either death-staring Logan (Wolverine), catching his fainting girlfriend, and being an incompetent leader. He can destroy a Sentinal in one blast!