8 Popular Franchises That Got Worse With Each Sequel

Nowadays, it seems like every movie is envisioned with the idea of expanding into a franchise. Things are becoming more commercialized and sequels are winning priority over stories. When one movie becomes a hit, none of the producers wants to give up on the cash cows. Though it’s a good thing to dream big, only a few have the potential to become a successful franchise. Find out the eight popular franchises that started big but ended up becoming worse with each entry.


The story of a sarcastic and cynical ogre falling in love with a princess brought the dawn of an era. Shrek felt like a refreshing break that viewers of all ages needed. But instead of concluding it all in the second part, the makers continued to churn out the same plots in the sequels.

Fast & Furious

Fast & Furious is definitely one of the highest-earning and most anticipated franchises. But over the years, fans have started complaining about the action and stunts that are becoming too unrealistic and over the top. With every entry, it’s losing its grip and focusing more on creating a dramatic spectacle.

The Hobbit

Lord of the Rings became a legend with its trilogy and Peter Jackson didn’t want to give up on Middle Earth. His obstinate goal caused The Hobbit, an origin story by Tolkien, to be stretched into a trilogy. Guillermo del Toro ended up leaving the project, and the final product received poor reviews for an unsatisfying plot and performance.

The Transformers


The Transformers had become a huge name in Hollywood with action-packed stories and likeable characters. Eventually, the sequels went over the top with everything- from dramatic plots that made no sense to lame comedic reliefs.

Pirates Of The Caribbean

What started as a promising franchise gradually turned into a joke with every sequel. Everyone fell in love with Curse of the Black Pearl, but as the franchise kept pushing out new parts, fans began to lose that craze.

The Terminator

In every 5-10 years the classic franchise tries to revive its charm but only drowns further with every attempt. After the first 2 hits, the third and fourth failed downright, followed by a “reboot” that aimed to erase previous movies, Rise of the Machines and Salvation. 

Ice Age

The original Ice Age had won hearts with the warm bond amongst the three lead characters. It had a satisfying ending and none of the fans needed the franchise to continue. The following films and their new characters were unnecessary and had defeated the significance of the first film. 


The new concept of Saw had sparked buzz and became a hot topic with the first film. But as the sequels kept pouring in, critics and audience got tired of the same old gory trick. They didn’t find anything gripping or scary anymore.