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FRIENDS Fans May Not Know About the Gruesome Accident in Which Matthew Perry Lost the Tip of His Middle Finger

Matthew Perry lost the tip of his middle finger after shutting the door on his hand when he was 3 years old

FRIENDS Fans May Not Know About the Gruesome Accident in Which Matthew Perry Lost the Tip of His Middle Finger


  • Matthew Perry lost the tip of his middle finger when he was 3 years old.
  • Perry shut the door on his hand, leading to the injury.
  • The real-life accident was later referred to in a FRIENDS flashback episode.

Actor and comedian Matthew Perry best known for his role as Chandler Bing, turned into an overnight pop culture icon following his appearance in the iconic ’90s TV show FRIENDS. Although Perry previously worked in other shows before being cast in FRIENDS, the show simply propelled his career to the next level. 

Matthew Perry
Matthew Perry

After his appearance in the 90s TV show, Matthew Perry became a globally loved and appreciated actor, for his unmatched sarcasm as Chandler Bing. Ever since then, people started taking an interest in his life. So here’s a lesser-known fact about Perry and how he lost the tip of his middle finger, after a gruesome accident.

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Matthew Perry Lost The Tip of His Middle Finger 

American-Canadian actor Matthew Perry is still quite relevant among modern audiences because of his role in the 90s sitcom FRIENDS. The actor recently got appreciated by fans after he appeared alongside his FRIENDS co-stars for a reunion special. And since diehard fans of Perry are so interested in his life, here’s a fact that they might not be aware of. 

Fandomwire Video
Matthew Perry as Chandler Bing in FRIENDS
Matthew Perry as Chandler Bing in FRIENDS

Apparently, Matthew Perry had a gruesome childhood injury wherein he lost the tip of his middle finger. According to IMDb, when Perry was just three years old, he shut a door on his hand, leading to a gruesome accident that caused the actor to lose the top inch of his middle finger. 

Matthew Perry FandomWire
Perry lost his middle fingertip in a gruesome childhood accident

Although the injury healed with doctors performing miracles on a toddler’s tiny fingers, Matthew Perry lost his fingertip forever. However, it didn’t stop him from pursuing his dreams of becoming an actor, as he got cast in TV shows like Second Chance in the late ’80s, and eventually became globally popular for his role in FRIENDS

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Matthew Perry’s Injury Was Subtly Adapted in FRIENDS  

There’s no denying that Matthew Perry pursued his career and rose to fame with his incredible talent. But as the actor started gaining more and more popularity, people started noticing there was something different about his middle finger. Thus, by the time Perry took on his role as Chandler Bing in FRIENDS, fans had discovered the weirdness in the actor’s middle finger. 

Matthew Perry FandomWire
Fans started noticing Matthew Perry’s bizarre fingertip

According to The Mirror, that’s when the FRIENDS creators had to subtly adapt his childhood injury in the show. The writers of the sitcom had to give a sly nod to Perry’s injury by writing a special episode. Thus, in the fifth season, they included a flashback sequence showing an injury in The One with All the Thanksgivings episode. 

Perry’s injury was subtly adapted in FRIENDS

In that sequence, Monica and Chandler had a confrontation, which ultimately resulted in Monica accidentally dropping a knife and severing part of Chandler’s toe. Further, Chandler was taken to the hospital but doctors couldn’t reattach his toe, as Monica mixed up the toe with a baby carrot.

This particular episode not only became a funny reference to Matthew Perry’s real-life trauma but also successfully diverted fans from the actor’s lost middle fingertip. 

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