Friends: Each MC & Who They Should Have Been With Instead Of The Actual Pairing.

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 Friends is one of the most classic and epic comedy/romance series till-date. The series revolves around the lives and careers of six twenty to thirty-year-old friends who live in Manhattan. However, friends are not just an engagement of everyday life, dating, job, friendship, stereotypes, etc. 


Recently in 2021, the most awaited The Friends: Reunion; One where they get back together, streamed on HBO Max. But, unfortunately, it is scarce to see all six principal cast members reunite to discuss their time on the show. 

Even though Friends ended on the note, everyone wished it would; not everyone chose the right partner. Here are couples who ought to have stayed together-and those who were right to go their separate ways.


One with Monica and Richard’s happily ever after.

Monica Geller and Richard Burke.

Is there any hard-core fan of this series who could honestly deny liking Richard Burke? The couple was in perfect harmony despite their age gap, and age meant nothing to them.
Apart from their relationship, Richard was just a great guy – and some fans still ship him and Monica. In addition to being intelligent, patient, and caring, he was also totally cool. 

One where Rachel had Joey.

Rachel Green and Joey Tribbiani.

As the series progressed, it looked increasingly likely that Joey would end up with Jennifer Aniston’s character instead of Ross. As the show went, the two become roommates and even try dating but ultimately break up. There was a moment when the duo of Rachel and Joey threw the idea of Ross Geller and Rachel Green out of the window.

One where Ross just said, ” I take thee, Emily”.


Ross Geller and Emily Waltham.

The failure of Ross and Emily’s marriage in Friends is among the many plot twists that everyone saw coming. There will never have been another love story for Ross and Rachel since this show was extreme about their affair. So it’s unfair to set up Ross and Emily’s relationship from the beginning for failure rather than giving it a real chance.

Because of Emily, Ross became a much healthier, happier, and less controlling person. And if the marriage would never have been interrupted, we could have had more of ‘Red Ross.’

One in which David The Scientist guy never left.

Phoebe Buffay and David The Scientist Guy.

David appears on numerous occasions in the series. Finally, he announces he’s back for good during season nine, but unfortunately for him, the ship had already sailed. Phoebe is thinking about Mike at this point, and when he appears in Barbados to win her heart, she chooses him. But if Mike would have been in the frame and David never left, they both would have had some weird kids.


One where Janice and Chandler are made for each other.

Chandler Bing and Janice.

Although we can’t deny that no one can replace Chandler and Monica’s duo, it was fun with Janice. Likely, they wouldn’t have broken up if Janice hadn’t left him to try and make things work with the father of her child. It would have been entertaining enough to make a spinoff series out of their relationship, even if it is ridiculous.
Many of the couples were too apparent to state, but as Phoebe Buffay once said,” We thought you were different but I guess it was just the coma.”



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