From Gal Gadot’s War Scene to Henry Cavill’s First Flight as Superman: 5 Iconic Moments From Zack Snyder’s DCEU That Will Make Your Day

These memorable moments just can't not make you smile!

From Gal Gadot's War Scene to Henry Cavill's First Flight as Superman: 5 Iconic Moments From Zack Snyder's DCEU That Will Make Your Day


  • The DCEU has come to an end with the release of Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom.
  • However, fans can still relish iconic moments from Zack Snyder's regime in the DCEU.
  • Here are 5 scenes from the DCEU that still makes fans awestruck.
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With Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom finally released in theatres worldwide, this marks the end of the DCEU. Soon, James Gunn and Peter Safran’s DCU reboot will take place, and Zack Snyder’s era in the DC Extended Universe will be history.

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DC Extended Universe (DCEU)
DC Extended Universe (DCEU)

But that doesn’t mean fans can’t remember and relish some of the most memorable scenes from all the films released during SnyderVerse. So, to help you remember it more easily, here are 5 iconic scenes from Snyder’s DCEU that will absolutely make your day. Dig in!


5 Iconic Moments From The DCEU Worth Remembering

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5. The War Scene in Wonder Woman (2017)

DCEU's Wonder Woman (2017)
DCEU’s Wonder Woman (2017)

Perhaps the most iconic scene from DCEU’s Wonder Woman was Gal Gadot crossing ‘No Man’s Land’, after approaching the front lines with Steve and the rest of her companions, in the most heroically pleasing manner ever.


With her superhuman strength coupled with her incredible agility, Wonder Woman stepped onto the battlefield in the war scene, captivating everyone with everything that followed. Deflecting bullets with her bracelets and propping up her shield to protect herself while charging at full speed toward the enemy, Diana became a one-woman army – something that earned massive fan support.

This iconic action scene displayed in such a visually striking manner not only created a memorable sequence but also proved one major fact about Zack Snyder‘s era: No one could ignore the stunning impact of the SnyderVerse as it came charging at full speed to save the DCEU and give it the tough edge against all the criticism that it needed to stay afloat in the industry.


Watch the original war scene from Wonder Woman here:


4. The Flash Enters The Speed Force in Zack Snyder’s Justice League (2021)

Zack Snyder's Justice League
Zack Snyder’s Justice League (2021)

Ezra Miller‘s recent The Flash may not have been received all too well by fans, but that doesn’t mean fans don’t love the character and the magnificent energy he displayed in Zack Snyder’s Justice League.

Especially the remarkable scene where the Flash enters the Speed Force, which is basically entering the layer of reality that can manipulate time. Although Flash did this to help the Justice League gain the final victory in the battle, he also ended up winning multiple hearts through the stunningly mesmerizing scene.


Not only did the scene win the poll from fans for the “Most Cheer-worthy Moment In Cinema History,” but it also helped set up the most immaculate ending from the film from the Snyder cut that pretty much summed up Snyder’s Justice League.

Watch the original scene where the Flash enters the Speed Force in Zack Snyder’s Justice League here:


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3. Aquaman vs. Orm in Aquaman (2018)

DCEU'S Aquaman (2018)
DCEU’S Aquaman (2018)

Though 2018’s Aquaman brought forward a lot of breathtaking action sequences with Jason Momoa‘s Arthur Curry in the midst of it all, the most iconic scene from the entire movie has to be Aquaman’s fight with Orm aka the Ocean Master.

In the fierce battle that happened during the Battle of the Brine scene, both Aquaman and the Ocean Master wield their tridents to the best of their ability. However, just like the good overcomes the bad, Curry, too, gains the upper hand in this war as he disarms Orm by breaking his trident but spares his life instead of delivering the final blow to finish him.


While the spectacularly visualized scene proves the fact that both the throne as well as the kingdom are worthy of being ruled by the true King of Atlantis, i.e., Aquaman, it also brings about another true message that most fans will agree with: the SnyderVerse can fight and win in every battle to top the list as the best era ever introduced in the DCEU.

Watch the original fight scene between Aquaman and the Ocean Master here:


2. The Shazam Family Suits Up in Shazam! (2019)

DCEU's Shazam! (2019)
DCEU’s Shazam! (2019)

Although Shazam! 2 may have failed to deliver the entertainment that fans were desperately awaiting. The first installment from the film series most certainly did not. Especially the scene where the ‘Shazam family’ suits up for the very first time.


During the fight against Sivana, Zachary Levi‘s Billy realizes that he can’t do it alone, and to be able to share his powers with his foster siblings would help. Turns out, his idea worked, and as soon as everyone shouted, ‘Shazam!’ while holding the staff (after a failed attempt of shouting ‘Billy’ instead), they transformed into superheroes, each with their own unique superhuman abilities.

This funny but emotionally strong scene not only brought forward multiple Shazams through the extraordinarily exciting visuals but also highlighted the core element of both the movie as well as Snyder’s characters’ relationship with each other in the DCEU: that of a family.


Watch the original scene where the Shazam family suits up in Shazam! here:


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1. Superman Takes His First Flight In Man of Steel (2013)

DCEU'S Man of Steel (2013)
DCEU’S Man of Steel (2013)

It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that the very film that marked Zack Snyder’s entrance into the DC Extended Universe holds one of the best and most memorable scenes of all time: When Henry Cavill‘s Superman takes his first flight in 2013’s Man of Steel.


Amidst struggling to discover and embrace his true personality and strength, Jor-El’s son decides to test his ability to fly. While he does manage to levitate a few inches above the ground, he also falls. But what matters is he doesn’t stay down and tries once again, only to gain full flight while soaring through the clouds all the while coming to terms with his true self and being at peace with him.

Besides the exceptional visuals displayed in this scene coupled with Cavill’s stunning performance, the scene also held an emotional resonance with SnyderVerse: Even though it might fall, it will still soar high to be remembered as one of the best parts of the entire DCEU.


Watch the original scene where Superman takes his first flight in Man of Steel here:


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