“Full disclosure. I don’t watch anime”: Naruto Voice Actor Gives Legit Reason Why She Won’t Watch Anime

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Naruto Voice Actor Gives Legit Reason Why She Won't Watch Anime

Naruto is one of the finest shows that the anime world has ever seen. It is considered to be one of the big three anime, having established a worldwide fanbase. Seemingly, people of every age love it. Naruto has 700 episodes in total, and the show has been dubbed into multiple languages. The tale of the gutsy ninja has always inspired people to do better in life.

Maile Flanagan voices Naruto Uzumaki. She overlooks his English dub. Last year, she was seen giving an interview to Crunchyroll News. Over there, she talked about her journey and many more things. One particular thing that caught everyone’s attention was when she said she does not watch anime. This was a piece of shocking news to the whole anime fandom.

Maile Flanagan Does Not Watch Naruto

Maile Flanagan
Maile Flanagan

Maile Flanagan is a person with many talents. She is a voice actress, a television actress, and a film actress. But one thing that she is not is an anime fan. The 58-year-old American is the English voice actor of Naruto Uzumaki. During her interview with Crunchyroll News, she mentioned that she does not watch Naruto or any other anime.

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Maile Flanagan said,

“Full disclosure, I don’t watch anime. I watch Naruto when it’s on. I don’t have a lot of time for it. I wasn’t an anime fan. I didn’t know anything about anime till Naruto. Now I know a lot about it and I don’t tend to watch it.”

The fans were shocked to hear this. The voice actor of their favorite character is neither a Naruto fan nor an anime fan.

Why Does Maile Flanagan Not Watch Anime?


Maile Flanagan said that she does not watch anime. She did not say it on a fluke. She had her personal reasons, and she justified them with an example. Maile Flanagan said,

“My friend, Mary Ramos, who’s a music supervisor on very big things. Like all of Quentin Tarantino’s movies and stuff. One time I asked her to go with me to see my friend’s daughter who is a rapper, really good.”

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To this, her friend replied, “Busman’s Holiday.” Maile Flanagan did not understand the meaning, so she asked for it. Then her friend explained, “When you’re a bus driver, you don’t take a bus on holiday.” Then Flanagan understood the meaning. Returning to the topic, she told her interviewer she also experienced the same thing. It is one thing to record in a studio, but another thing to watch it.

Naruto Shippuden
Naruto Shippuden

She meant that her whole day revolves around anime. So, spending her free time on anime feels like a stretch. Maile Flanagan is quite right with her justification. But at the end of the day, it is Naruto. Everybody loves it. Giving it a try will not hurt anybody.

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