“Fumbled a massive Marvel bag”: Marvel Refused to Work With Jeremy Allen White After His Arrogant Question and Fans Are in Disbelief

Fans online were separated over Jeremy Allen White after his remark on the 'Marvel-y' movie he was offered to.

"Fumbled a massive Marvel bag": Marvel Refused to Work With Jeremy Allen White After His Arrogant Question and Fans Are in Disbelief


  • Jeremy Allen White rose to prominence after his groundbreaking performance in Hulu series 'The Bear.'
  • Following his success in the series he was offered a 'Marvel-y' role.
  • He was skeptical about it and the studio eventually refused to work with him.
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The Bear famed Jeremy Allen White recently revealed that he had a Marvel-y project on hand but he played it wrong in the meeting. White is a prominent TV star who also made his mark in movies appearing in Movie 43, The Rental, and The Iron Claw.

Jeremy Allen White in The Bear
Jeremy Allen White in The Bear. Credit: Hulu

White’s comment on his potential Marvel-y project has stirred a shockwave among fans and they have taken to social platforms to have their say in this regard. Certainly, White is a capable actor and would play a superhero role with ease.

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Jeremy Allen White Said He Had A ‘Marvel-y’ Movie Role

Jeremy Allen White in The Bear
Jeremy Allen White in The Bear. Credit: Hulu

Being a rising star in Hollywood, Jeremy Allen White has seen the door to get into the big blockbusters when he was considered for a huge movie role. However, acting for the actor was a bit different, at least choosing the scripts. Perhaps, it was similar to Martin Scorsese’s anti-Marvel ideals. The actor said he had an attitude which ended up in a resounding “f*ck you” from the Marvel Studios.

“I had a meeting for a kind of Marvel-y movie, and I had an attitude. I think I played it all wrong,” White said showing his skepticism (via GQ). “ Tell me about why should I do your movie,” White asked the studio executives. “They were like, ‘F*ck you,’” White says. “And I was like, ‘Right on,’” he added.

The terrible meeting with the huge Superhero brand has cost White which could be the biggest project of his career. Fans have reacted to White’s arrogant remark which led Marvel Studios to opt out.


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Fans Reacted to Jeremy Allen White’s Remark 

Jeremy Allen White in The Rental
Jeremy Allen White in The Rental. Credit: IFC Films/STX Entertainment

Most fans are in disbelief as the actor’s attitude cost him a huge potential to add a blockbuster title to his resume. But for White, he is yet to develop his liking for superhero flicks. “I am confused at how the pinnacle of an actor’s career has ended up in that place,” he told GQ. “They get really good filmmakers to do those movies and obviously they get really good actors to do those movies. I played it the way I wanted to play it.” Obviously, he doesn’t regret it. Now, fans took to X to reveal their say on the matter.

While many fans have said that it was a bad decision, several others hailed the actor’s attitude arguing the fact that an actor shouldn’t compromise. Further, some said, “Rising actor shouldn’t board a sinking ship.” Regardless, White’s comment has created considerably a huge buzz on the internet.


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