“Are you f**king kidding me”: 17 Years On and Team Fortress 2 is Finally Getting Some DLC

Valve serve up a slap in the face for the loyal fans of Team Fortress 2.

Team Fortress 2 DLC


  • Valve have angered the loyal fans of the franchise by releasing Team Fortress 2 DLC for a completely different game.
  • Fans of Team Fortress 2 hoped that they were finally seeing some DLC for the game after 17 years, sadly not.
  • Whilst fans continue to highlight the issues with cheating and bots, nothing appears to be getting done with this.
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What prompted this deluge of hate-filled responses? Well, many fans thought that an announcement of DLC seventeen years after the game was first released would be a cause for celebration. Little did they know that the content in question was for a completely different game.

Team Fortress 2 DLC – Less Than Appealing?

The Engineer unloads a barrage of bullets from the gatling gun in Team Fortress 2.
The latest news for Team Fortress 2 has angered many fans. Credit: Valve Corporation

As can be seen on the Steam page, the upcoming DLC for Funko Fusion is due for release on 13 September and with the corresponding trailer, the comments from fans are negative to say the very least. To put this into context, one fan on Social Media site X had this to say – ‘are you f**king kidding me‘.


Whilst the majority of comments were of complete outrage that the DLC was for a completely different game, there were some fans who thought that it was some kind of prank. Well, unfortunately not, this is actually happening and despite the prospect of an update for the game itself, there actually is none to be had.

Team Fortress 2 is one of the most popular games to be developed by Valve and to see that the planned DLC is for another game completely is a slap in the face to those loyal players who have stuck by the game over the years, despite the ongoing issues with cheats and bots.

Are Valve Papering Over The Cracks?

Demoman and Sniper look on in Team Fortress 2.
Fans have highlighted the issues with cheating and bots to no avail. Credit: Valve Corporation

It’s clear that player numbers have taken a steep decline over the years and many fans have criticized Valve, stating that they have abandoned the title and moved on. This has led to furious comments on Social Media and understandable frustration from fans.


Much of the criticism is directed at the players utilizing aimbots in the game and that there isn’t being anything done to combat this. Despite players posting videos of cheaters and bots on Social Media, little has been done about this.

So in a sense, Team Fortress 2 is back but seen by many fans as the worst way possible. Sure there is the old phrase that ‘all good things come to those who wait‘ but having waited this long, to have the DLC released for another game is perhaps a massive kick in the teeth to those loyal fans.

What do you think about the latest news for Team Fortress 2? Do you agree with the fan comments and the outrage that they are feeling or do you think that this may be a positive move? Get in touch, leave us a comment and let us know your thoughts.


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