“Funniest joke She-Hulk has offered”: Fans Troll Disney for Nominating Tatiana Maslany for an Emmy

"Funniest joke She-Hulk has offered": Fans Troll Disney for Nominating Tatiana Maslany for an Emmy

The Emmy Awards 2023 will be held on September 17, 2023. The names of celebrities who have been nominated for awards this year in various categories are now revealed. This year’s Emmy Award nominees are being debated on the internet, and Tatiana Maslany appears to be at the center of it. 

Tatiana Maslany as She Hulk
Tatiana Maslany as She Hulk

Maslany is up for best leading actress in a comedy series. Some people believe the 37-year-old actress is deserving, while others are taking a jibe at her acting and her movie as well. 

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Disney gets trolled by fans after Tatiana Maslany gets into the list of 2023 Emmy nomination

Tatiana Maslany as She Hulk
Tatiana Maslany as She Hulk

Tatiana Maslany has been declared as the potential nominee for her role in She-Hulk: Attorney at Law by Disney. Maslany appeared as She-Hulk in the comedy series, which premiered in 2022. Many people praised her character in the series, while others continue to mock her and the series as well. The 37-year-old actress was nominated for Orphan Black n 2015 and she won the lead actress for the drama series. 

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In her message, she expressed how grateful she is to everyone who supported her throughout her career, the Orphan Black actress stated,

“The nomination is so surreal and exciting, mostly because of our fans and how voraciously supportive and protective they are of our show. They’ve totally championed us, and given us visibility and we are so grateful to them. So this nomination is for them. And I’m so grateful to the Academy for the nod.”

Maslany is apparently at the core of Disney’s Emmy campaign, and she is being regarded as a potential nominee for lead actress. The internet is divided on this particular topic, with some cheering for the Canadian actress and others believing she isn’t the one.  

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Netizens claim that She-Hulk: Attorney at Law deserves no appreciation 

Tatiana Maslany as She Hulk
Tatiana Maslany as She Hulk

Some fans oppose Disney’s Emmy campaign for Maslany because they believe the show and character were not as great as the hype. On the other hand, some people are ecstatic that Charlie Cox and Maslany have been mentioned as potential nominees. Some argue that the show isn’t deserving of the awards or nominations. 

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She-Hulk: Attorney at Law was launched last year on August 18, 2022, and many people were eager to see the series when it was released, but for many, it turned out to be a disappointment. Ginger Gonaga played Nikki Ramos, Jameela Jamil played Titania, Mark Ruffalo portrayed Bruce Banner, and Charlie Cox played Matt Murdock in the series. 

There are people rooting for Coxx as they think he is much more deserving of an Emmy award than Maslany. But reportedly, Maslany is one of the strongest potential nominees this year. 

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