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Funniest Spider-Man: Miles Morales Memes To Tickle Your Whiskers

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse and Spider-Man: Miles Morales has shot the new superhero’s popularity to sky high levels. With great power comes great meme-worthiness.

Marvel Being Its Own Worst Enemy

With Marvel’s Avengers polarizing the fans beyond Kingdom Come, another game project gaining all the attention is Spider-Man: Miles Morales. The developers just released a massive update that fixed more than a 1000 bugs in Marvel’s Avengers. Fans were not pleased with many things the game had to offer. Moreover Spider-Man will not be a playable character for Xbox and PC owners. This has led to some massive hype for Spider-Man: Miles Morales, the game everyone is looking forward to now. Fans believe the friendly neighborhood superhero will steal the spotlight for Marvel’s current flagship game project.

Please Upvote (Or Not)

With great power comes great responsibility. The same applies to memes. You see a good meme, you make sure you upvote it. This helps aid the memers and keep quality memes under circulation. When Miles Morales mentions a coffee shop named Foam Party, we all remember Jefferson Davis’ shocked expression. Davis’ terrified look was followed by a crackle of laughter. We all knew the reason why. People who are into sites like Reddit and 9GAG will instantly relate to what the entire scenario was about.

No She Does Not Like Jazz

In probably one of the funniest and most hilarious scenes in the movie, Miles Morales follows his uncle Aaron‘s advice and starts with the signature pick up line “Hey”. Little does he know that he still has not perfected total control over his powers. His hands are stuck on Gwen’s shoulders. This reminds us of another line from the Bee movie. The only way this awkward situation could have become more awkward was by following up the “Hey” with “Ya like Jazz?”. Oh we feel so sorry for you Miles Morales. We truly do. Young man you need better mentors.

Hey Sasuke!!!

The Uchiha just cannot catch a break. Even in the world of memes, he is constantly ridiculed for his outlandish acts. The one hand choke hold that has become infamous as a signature Sasuke Uchiha move is again used in a new video by Tony J Productions. In this video that could be found on YouTube, Miles Morales does his “Hey” move but manages to singlehandedly pin Sasuke Uchiha to the wall. That is followed by a quick knife hand strike that disintegrates Sasuke Uchiha. Until next time, Sasuka-Chan!!

Peter Parker, Where Are You?!?!

After the gameplay footage for Spider-Man: Miles Morales was released, fans went haywire. The footage was met with universal acclaim. Miles Morales took things up a notch as the new Spider-Man. The one person who was missing in the trailer was Peter Parker, the original Spider-Man. Where is the original web-slinger? One fan decided to make a meme on it. The original DLC mission “The Heist” was used as a template. As Miles Morales is trying his best to keep a bridge together that is under attack by the forces of Roxxon and the Tinkerer, Peter Parker is busy eating a pizza he ordered from Ed’s Pizzas.

History Repeats Itself

Peter Parker and young Miles Morales are trying to come up with a plan to infiltrate Alchemax. The particular scene is then turned into an educational experience. The Greek Empire was a major influence on the Roman Empire and the many empires like the Austrian and the ottoman Empire that came after it.