Furiosa Prequel Sets Things Right For Mad Max Series

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Mad Max: Fury Road is one of the most-awaited sequels of 2015. With its visually-stunning cinematography, it is no wonder the three-decade wait was worth it. Its upcoming spin-off Furiosa is currently in the works. In fact, the prequel rectifies a mistake that Fury Road has made.


Indeed, the production of Mad Max: Fury Road was constantly hindered by unexpected difficulties, with rainfalls messing up the drylands of the movie’s location. As a solution, the movie was filmed in Namibia, instead of its homeland in Australia.

Furiosa Comes Home

Furiosa Anya Taylor-Joy


Now, Furiosa is able to set things right, and in May 2022, they started filming at Broken Hill, a city in New South Wales. Although the desert land in Namibia gave a stunning setting for Fury Road, the clips of Australian soil will bring back the pre-apocalypse ambiance of the movie.

Furthermore, Anya Taylor-Joy’s vintage looks will grace the movie and add that 1970s feel to it. They will try to capture the atmosphere of the earlier Mad Max movies. George Miller’s original movie shows the future before everything turned into a wasteland. That means we still get to see a bit of greenery as compared to the recent Mad Max installment.

The World Before The Apocalypse

Furiosa Wasteland


Furiosa will more likely focus on her adventures in the pre-apocalypse world. It might also reveal the cause of the horrible event that turned everything into dust. This is why it is imperative that they go back to their original location.

The movie is set to premiere in May 2024, and hopefully, this announcement of its location and the one-year date push-back will not affect the fans’ interest in the movie. Until then, the filming of the prequel is currently underway. It is only a matter of time before we experience the hot and scorching heat of the wasteland.


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