Is the MCU Done With Rachel McAdams’s Christine Palmer?

Christine Palmer, portrayed by Rachel McAdams, and Dr. Strange, played by Benedict Cumberbatch, aren’t meant to be together in this reality, or any universe for that matter. Nevertheless, according to McAdams, the expansion of the multiverse with Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness promises limitless options for Christine. As we’ve seen, the film concludes with the arrival of Strange’s new leading lady: the sorceress Clea. However, the main question now is whether or not McAdams’ role has come to an end. Is the MCU really done with Christine Palmer?

Christine Palmer played by Rachel McAdams.
Christine Palmer played by Rachel McAdams.

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Christine Palmer’s graph as Strange’s leading lady:

Doctor Strange and Christine Palmer.
Doctor Strange and Christine Palmer.

The connection between Doctor Strange and Christine Palmer always has been a bit complicated. “We never quite figured it out,” Palmer stated in the Multiverse of Madness. In the first few minutes of the movie, Doctor Strange attends Christine’s wedding. Ultimately, he tells her about how entering into the blip forced him to make difficult decisions and that he’s still happy for her. This plot reveals a more emotional side of Dr. Strange, who has otherwise been portrayed as a snobbish, arrogant guy. As the movie progresses, he travels through other worlds, and every time he encounters the Palmer of that reality, he discovers that their relationship is complicated in every one of them.

Finally, in the mid-credits sequence, a new character named Clea is revealed. In the comics, she was a companion, a friend, and ultimately the wife of Doctor Strange. Thus, when Strange finally moves on, could it mean the end of Christine’s character in the MCU or the start of something new?

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Other possible narratives for Christine Palmer:

Christine Palmer as the Night Nurse.
Christine Palmer as the Night Nurse.

Christine worked in the health sector in the books as well, just like her MCU equivalent. Her competence in the comics meanwhile, was not limited to people who were sick or injured. Instead, she concentrated her abilities on assisting superheroes in need. And although she only served as Night Nurse for a short time to help the X-Men, her role in the MCU may easily be enhanced. Christine also has a tendency for linking herself to the many characters of the MCU, as Multiverse of Madness demonstrated with her Earth-838 version. That can qualify in Doctor Strange’s universe, since her modest existence may not be enough to satisfy her desire to aid humanity.

All of this seems logical because as more heroes arrive in New York City, there will be more accidents. Christine may feel compelled to help any people in distress, including Spider-Man, Captain America, or even Kate Bishop. Also, her job would be highly relevant since SHIELD is no longer available to assist fallen superheroes. Christine’s role in the comics was never given the same level of development as she does in the MCU. If she takes on responsibilities as the Night Nurse, though, she may be able to add more dimensions to her story.

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