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“Every Country Has Its Own Limitations and Opportunities”: G2A CEO Comments on Microsoft’s Opinion on Conducting Business in the UK (EXCLUSIVE)

We were lucky enough to pick the brains of G2A CEO Bartosz Skwarczek during a recent interview conducted in Madrid during a G2A event. When we asked him what his thoughts were regarding Microsoft boss, Brad Smith’s comments stating that, “the European Union is a more attractive place to start a business than the United Kingdom,” he gave a rather interesting answer.

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For those out of the loop, is an online marketplace with offices in Poland, Holland, and Hong Kong. The platform specializes in facilitating E-commerce of all digital products; gaming, subscriptions, gift cards, and more. Therefore, we were curious to get the opinion of the G2A CEO on the rather inflammatory comments made by Smith, given his area of expertise.

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Brad Smith certainly ruffled some feathers.
Brad Smith certainly ruffled some feathers.

Speaking of the wider industry, I’m curious about your opinion on the recent decision made by the CMA to block Microsoft’s acquisition of Activision Blizzard in the UK. Brad Smith of Microsoft even claimed that it showed that the UK is a bad place to conduct business. Will this block affect G2A at all?

Honestly, I am not sure if I’m a good person to ask regarding the ins and outs of the CMA’s decision. We have been co-operating with Microsoft for years and certainly respect their opinion. From my perspective though, you can’t call anywhere in the world an inherently bad place to conduct business. The UK is as good a place to start as anywhere else. Everywhere has different regulations that must be considered, but as long as your company can adapt, then anywhere can be considered fertile ground.

When we started G2A, before we expanded out of Poland, we had to make it work despite the fact that the gaming industry in Poland at that time was essentially non-existent. This was way before CD Projekt Red became as well-known as they are today. We began with no experience within the space, no office, and no industry contacts, but we still made it work.

In terms of making the decision to start a business in the UK or not, it is frankly much easier to launch a business from the UK than it is from Eastern Europe. It is all about how well you can adapt as an entrepreneur. Nowhere is any better or worse than anywhere else. Every country must take its own chances and every country has its own limitations and opportunities, it is up to the entrepreneurs to navigate them.

G2A CEO Bartosz Bites Back!

The G2A CEO gave an interesting response to Smith's comments.
The G2A CEO gave an interesting response to Smith’s comments.

Bartosz’s word choice here is pretty fascinating. It is rather refreshing to hear the G2A CEO speak so positively about the prospect of starting a new business in today’s financially uncertain climate and it is also inspiring to hear that he believes that anyone can make something of their company regardless of where they are based.

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This excerpt is taken from an interview that we conducted with G2A CEO Bartosz Skwarczek, where he spoke about several other matters such as the rise of artificial intelligence, how he got into the industry in the first place, and the constantly evolving nature of the gaming industry. The full interview will be published on the site tomorrow, so be sure to keep an eye out for that when it goes live. Thanks again to Bartosz for taking the time to chat to us and be sure to stay tuned to FandomWire for even more upcoming content just like this.

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