Gal Gadot’s Cameo Being Removed From ‘The Flash’ Reportedly False

Gal Gadot's Cameo Being Removed From 'The Flash' Reportedly False
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New DC Studios co-CEOs James Gunn and Peter Safran have taken quite a considerable stride in just over one and a half months into their tenure as the new bosses. Plans for a revamped DCU, a new Superman without Henry Cavill, and the cancelation of Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman 3 are all big decisions to take on this early.


Talking about Gal Gadot, despite a lot of the changes going around under the new era of Gunn and Safran, she has still been able to hold her position in the franchise, unlike the unlucky Henry Cavill. Even now, she has a cameo due in the next major DC release, The Flash, despite reports saying she’s been removed from the movie.

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Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman

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Gal Gadot Stays In The Flash

It’s a scary time for any actor in the DCU who has been seeing all the changes that are currently taking place under the tenure of the new bosses. Man of Steel star and the Superman of the 2010s, Henry Cavill, has already been shown the door, at least respectfully.

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Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman

Not only that, reports even indicate the possible start-from-scratch approach of re-casting the core members of the DCU, and it’s not looking too bright of a future for a lot of the stars in the franchise.

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Gal Gadot is one such actor who was recently reported to have been removed not from the DCU, but from a cameo in one of its upcoming major releases, The Flash (The Hollywood Reporter).

This came after the decision to cancel Wonder Woman 3, Patty Jenkins, who was set to direct the third installment of the movie series based on the character said that she had no control over the situation as well.

But as industry insider KC Walsh tells us, none of the reports of Gadot’s cameo being removed are true-


Even Twitter user @Culture_Spider corrected a previous report of theirs which said that the Red Notice star is not appearing in the movie-


So maybe James Gunn and Peter Safran do indeed have plans, at least for Gadot, to stay in the DCU.

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So, Will Gal Gadot Be Recast As Wonder Woman?

During an earnings call in August this year, Warner Bros. Discovery head David Zaslav mentioned the importance of Wonder Woman, among other DC characters, as an important component of the DCU.

Gal Gadot FandomWire
Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman

The 62-year-old media exec said –

“Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, these are brands that are known everywhere in the world. And the ability to drive those all over the world with great stories is a big opportunity for us.”

One notable takeaway from this quote is that Zaslav never mentioned that it necessarily had to be Gal Gadot who takes the mantle of Wonder Woman forward, spawning a huge question mark over her future in the franchise.

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Just a few days before the director Patty Jenkins had announced the official cancelation of the third chapter of the third installation of the Wonder Woman movie series, Gadot had posted a note of appreciation for her role as the popular DC character in an Instagram post, saying-

“I’ve been so grateful for the opportunity to play such an incredible, iconic character and more than anything I’m grateful for YOU. The fans. The most amazing, warm, loving fans in the world. I’m still pinching myself to see if I will wake up. Can’t wait to share her next chapter with you.”

This makes it pretty clear that she does still have the desire to play the character, but whether or not she stays in the franchise at all will be seen after her cameo in The Flash.

The Flash will premiere in theaters on June 16, 2023.


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