Galactus’ Herald in Fantastic Four Reboot Reportedly a Woman, Fans Suspect a Gender-Bent Silver Surfer

Fans are disappointed with the decision and question Marvel's intentions for their "woke-audience"

Galactus' Herald in Fantastic Four Reboot Reportedly a Woman, Fans Suspect a Gender-Bent Silver Surfer


  • Marvel Cinematic Universe's Fantastic Four reboot has the potential to shake up the MCU
  • The film will not be an origin story and marks the beginning of Phase 6
  • Rumors suggest that the reboot will feature a female version of Galactus' herald, Silver Surfer, which has left fans furious and accusing Marvel of gender-bending
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Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Fantastic Four reboot is a long way from release but it has the potential to shake up the entire MCU. The rebooted franchise will mark the commencement of Phase 6. To add to the excitement, Kevin Feige, the President of Marvel Studios has shared that the film will not be an origin story. Hence, fans were already jumping with excitement, but that means that the creators of the upcoming film must be extremely careful while creating such a beloved franchise that was once immensely popular back in the day.

Marvel's Fantastic Four poster
Marvel’s Fantastic Four poster

However, rumors started to circulate the internet, when a reliable scooper went to Twitter to share how the rebooted Fantastic Four franchise would feature Galactus’ herald, Silver Surfer, which will be a woman. The ardent MCU fans are furious, accusing Marvel of gender-bending.

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Fantastic Four Reboot is Rumored To Have a Female Silver Surfer

As Marvel fans know the Fantastic Four film will not be released before 2025 and it is quite vague and new plans and ideas are being made. Fans are curious how Marvel is planning to reboot the franchise and what new changes will they get to see. While some changes might have different opinions, one change would not be appreciated when it comes to one of their favorite characters in the franchise, that is, Silver Surfer.

Silver Surfer
Silver Surfer

Recently, a reliable scooper has come forward to share scoops from the rebooted film, tweeted “Galactus’ herald in the MCU Fantastic Four reboot will be a woman.” However, fans were furious and unsupportive of the rumored decision taken by Marvel for their ‘woke-audience.’

A fan expressed how disappointed they were with the decision, and questioned Marvel on what they were trying to do.


Another fan was not happy with the idea of watching a female Silver Surfer in the reboot franchise.


Another fan posted a gif that expresses their disappointment to Marvel.

A fan was so furious with the scoop that they could not come to terms with reality and how “unbelievable” it is for them to see Marvel making decisions that will make them go bankrupt.


While fans were furious about watching a rumored female Silver Surfer in the rebooted Fantastic Four film, a fan pointed out that Galactus had multiple heralds.


Hence, if the scoop is true and Galactus’ herald is a female, then multiple female heralds can be a strong possibility to make an appearance. However, it can be assumed that Frankie Raye, aka the original female herald, Nova, has a stronger possibility of making her appearance.

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Who is Frankie “Nova” Raye?

Frankie Raye also known as Nova made her appearance for the first time in 1975 in Fantastic Four #164. Her powers are similar to Human Torch and she joined the Fantastic Four, briefly making them call themselves as Fantastic Five. However, when Galactus arrived on Earth, she decided to abandon the Fantastic Five and join him making her one of his heralds.

Frankie Raye and Silver Surfer in Marvel Comics
Frankie Raye and Silver Surfer in Marvel Comics

She started calling herself Nova and lost touch with her humanity. Though at the beginning, she was apathetic to the destruction her master caused she soon started leading Galactus to populated planets, including the homeworld of Skrulls. However, she came back to her senses when she met Silver Surfer who reminded her about her morality. However, Galactus decided to terminate her as his herald when she was ineffective as she refused to lead him to inhabited worlds.

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Fantastic Four is expected to release on May 2, 2025.


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