Game Of Thrones: 5 Best Houses To Be Born And Raised In, Based On Reddit

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HBO’s House of the Dragon is soon arriving on the screens, and fans of the Game of Thrones saga will once again meet the House Targaryen, along with other notable houses, but with lesser exposure this time.


As fans wait for the upcoming prequel, they share on Reddit which house in Westeros they would love to be born in. Clearly, House Targaryen is not a favorite of the crowd. These houses have earned very good reputations; hence people would opt to live under their care than in other Westerosi houses.

House Mormont

Lyanna Mormont Game of Thrones


The House Mormont is only a minor clan, but they have contributed so much to the story of Game of Thrones, especially in pledging their loyalty to the House Stark. Many characters from this house have become fan favorites, such as the feisty Lyanna Mormont and the ever-loyal Jorah Mormont.

For Reddit user hombermuhe, “Mormont. The epitome of punching above their weight.” It is true that the House Mormont is so brave they are willing to sacrifice and give their all despite not having much.

House Arryn

Robin Arryn Game of Thrones


House Arryn may well be secluded from the rest, but it does not mean that they are not as powerful and fearsome as the others. Securely nestled among the mountains of the Vale, the house has been very quiet until the mysterious death of Jon Arryn.

For Redditor JustForThisAITA, “The Vale is where I’d really love to be. Oceans and mountains, that’s the dream.” Nothing sounds more peaceful than living amongst the gods with a spectacular view overlooking the Mountains of the Moon.

House Martell

Oberyn Martell


The House Martell is considered one of the greatest houses in Westeros. Its long history of freedom is known across the great deserts of Dorne. Aside from its summery ambiance, the beautiful gardens and beaches that envelope the place are a sight to behold.

For 2dollarsteakk of Reddit, “I’d want to live in Dorne. They do it right down there.” The House Martell is known for their unwavering love as a free nation and its motto ‘Unbowed. Unbent. Unbroken.’ stands still.

House Tyrell

Margaery Tyrell Game of Thrones


One of the wealthiest houses, House Tyrell is also known as a seat of major political and social influence in Game of Thrones. They are less scandalous and more relaxed in nature, and yet they get all the benefits of their family’s position in society.

For Redditor Trusted_Charlatan, the House Tyrell is “definitely a lot of the same benefits as the Lannisters, but not the same level of toxicity.” Nothing like capping off the day with a sumptuous feast and red wine.

House Stark

Ned Stark Game of Thrones


Undoubtedly the fan favorite of all houses in Game of Thrones, House Stark is known for their honor, courage, and moral upbringing. The entire family lives on their legacy, and it has the most well-rounded environment to raise children.

Sekmet19 of Reddit says, “Hunting, archery, swordplay, horseback riding, embroidery, reading, singing, music, dancing… also gardening, board games and children’s games like hide ‘n seek” are all the activities one can enjoy while living in Winterfell.


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