Game Of Thrones: 5 Minor Characters With Main Character Energy

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The hit high fantasy HBO series Game of Thrones prides itself for its unique and diverse characters. Each of them has a singular identity that makes them remarkable. As main characters and villains, it is imperative that they have to make a significant mark in the show, or else, they will just drown in the background.


Just like the protagonists and antagonists in the series, there are several side characters that fans will never forget. They gave off that main star vibe which is difficult not to notice and made their small screen time worthwhile. Here are the minor characters from Game of Thrones that exhibited hero powers:

Syrio Forel

Syrio Forel Game of Thrones


Syrio Forel is remembered as the swordsman who trained the would-be assassin slash most badass character in the show, Arya Stark. His famous line, “What do we say to the god of death?” is simply powerful and noteworthy. He taught her his fighting style which is called the Water Dance.

He only appeared in three episodes and his whereabouts are unknown. Arya believed he is dead and was killed by Ser Meryn Trant so she made sure that she will avenge his death.

Tormund Giantsbane

Tormund Giantsbane Game of Thrones


Tormund’s natural charisma and sunny disposition give him that real main character energy. He is enjoyable to watch, and fans are rooting for him. Whether he fights against Ser Gregor Clegane a.k.a. The Mountain or he pursues Brienne of Tarth, the audience will cheer for him.

His fighting skills and expertise are worthy of the spotlight and the way he protects his comrades, especially Jon Snow, is something that a real hero naturally does. Tormund remains one of the most likable characters in Game of Thrones.

Yara Greyjoy

Yara Greyjoy


As a fierce and dauntless warrior, Yara Greyjoy has proven that she can lead an army all on her own. The story where she singlehandedly saved her brother Theon from captivity is one of the most remarkable episodes in the series.

More than her fighting skills, she is also a great thinker. Her wise decisions and rational choices testify that, despite the reigning oppression during this time, a woman like Yara can be trusted to lead and serve.

High Sparrow

High Sparrow Game of Thrones


Albeit his brief appearance in the show, the High Sparrow worked his way through King’s Landing without being taunted by the Lannisters, especially Cersei. The way he plays with every political person in the show while gaining power himself just makes him even more charismatic.

The High Sparrow is a morally grey character because of his righteousness and conniving methods of justice. Despite so, he exudes that powerful and manipulating presence.

Lyanna Mormont

Lyanna Mormont Game of Thrones


Seriously, she is the main star of the show. Her presence alone commands everyone’s attention. People listen to her whenever she speaks. Even Jon Snow seeks her opinions. At a young age, Lyanna has the ability to lead an army.

Her real courage showed during the Battle of Winterfell when she fought against a giant zombie with dragon glass but, unfortunately, she also met her death at the hand of the undead.


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