Game Of Thrones: 6 Most Fearless Minor Characters

In the world of Game of Thrones, only the brave ones survive. One cannot simply break down and walk away during times of inconvenience but has to face it and look death in the eyes. With so many wars happening, killings here and there, and feuds between houses, there is no time to fear.

The show is graced with so many brave and relentless characters that have lesser roles in the series yet showed incredible determination. These characters helped shape the entire world of the Game of Thrones series so let’s take a look at each of them:

Yara Greyjoy

Yara Greyjoy game of thrones

If there’s one thing Yara Greyjoy is known for, that is how tough and badass she has been throughout the series. Born in a culture where death and fighting are synonymous with fun, Yara must not display any signs of fear or that is disrespect to their house.

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Yara lived in a patriarchal family and she had to do everything to earn their respect and be seen as an equally competent member of the House Greyjoy.


melisandre game of thrones

The sorceress priestess knew the threat of the White Walkers since the beginning of the show. Along with the guards of the Night’s Watch, she believes that they will come and bring chaos to Westeros. Despite her premonitions about the night being dark and full of terrors, Melisandre never showed fear. Instead, she took a very significant role in defending the North against the White Walkers.



The eunuch master of whisperers is a character known for doing his own thing while playing chess with every major character in the show. He served the Lannisters but turns out to be a traitor. He was simply vying for Daenerys Targaryen to rule the Seven Kingdoms.

Although Varys suffered his imminent death at the hands of his queen, he never showed any fear or regret. He is always a composed person, and perhaps dying by dragon fire is way less painful than his traumatic mutilation.

Jorah Mormont

Jorah Mormont

He has been a loyal servant to Daenerys and what else could he do for her than fight everyone who gets in the queen’s way? Everybody knows he is in love with her. Certainly, that unrequited emotion is what fuels him to stay by her side despite knowing she cannot return the favor. Ser Jorah is undoubtedly one of the bravest and most skilled soldiers in Westeros.

Grey Worm

Grey Worm game of thrones

The leader of Daenerys’s Unsullied army is trained to its finest. Grey Worm grew up in a disciplined culture where fear is never an option. The Unsullied has a harsh tradition of castrating its soldiers, leaving them to only follow orders and never their instincts.

Oberyn Martell

Oberyn Martell

The guy only has a short appearance in the series but he left a huge impact which made him quite an unforgettable character. Oberyn Martell displayed a calm and collected countenance. He just played it cool and acted overconfidently. Although this cockiness led him to his demise, he still fought bravely with a smile on his face.

Written by Ariane Cruz

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