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Game Of Thrones: 6 Sudden Deaths That Were Too Random

HBO’s Game of Thrones is quite famous for the shocking deaths of many characters, may they be villains or not. For loyal fans of the show, it is no strange occurrence or sight, as the writer himself, George R.R. Martin, is known for his brutal way of killing off beloved characters.

Although everyone is expected to perish sooner or later, some deaths came too sudden. These characters met their demise in a very untimely manner. Their deaths did not entirely affect the show, but somehow fans wish these characters were given justice.

Tommen Baratheon

Tommen Baratheon Game of Thrones

King Tommen replaced his brother Joffrey on the throne after the latter was poisoned to death. He witnessed the bombing of Sept of Baelor which his mother, Queen Cersei, ordered as an act of vengeance.

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This took a toll on him as a king because he could not save the people. And just like that, he removed his crown and jumped off his bedroom window.

Talisa Stark

Talisa Stark Game of Thrones

One of the most popular and shocking episodes in Game of Thrones is the Red Wedding. The bloodshed was in full motion, as the first death happened to Robb Stark’s pregnant wife, Talisa.


She was stabbed to death in her stomach, then, it was carnage between the Freys and the Starks. This was followed by the tragic deaths of Robb and Catelyn Stark.


Ros Game of Thrones

Ros is a sex worker who hails from Winterfell, and her character does not appear in the books. She is simply one of those small roles that come and go, but despite that, her disappearance came suddenly. Fans do actually remember her, but the studio seemed clueless about her future.

Littlefinger finds out she was working as a spy for Varys, and when Joffrey found out about this, he killed Ros by shooting her with multiple crossbow bolts.

Hizdahr Zo Loraq

Hizdahr Zo Loraq GOT

Hizdahr is quite a confusing character given his minor role yet huge potential. He is a noble citizen from Mereen who started off as an opposing force to Queen Daenerys. To alleviate the tension within the city, they resolved it through marriage.

He was not entirely loyal to her; in fact, he betrayed her. His death was so sudden, and yet, it did not make any impact on the following events.


Osha GOT

Another character with a brief appearance and sudden demise is Osha. She was seen accompanying Rickon Stark while Bran tried to get outside the Wall.


They were both captured by Ramsay Bolton, yet they managed to escape his hellish punishment. They made a return in the sixth season, but Osha was killed off immediately after a single scene.

Doran Martell

Doran Martell Game of Thrones

It seems that the episodes set in Dorne were not favorable to the audiences. Many of the events that took place there were somewhat uninteresting for the fans.

Not only was Dorne’s ruler being a completely useless character, but his death was also pointless. He made a return in the following season, spoke a few lines, and got stabbed. That was his entire script.

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