Great Gaming Franchises Ruined by Terrible Entries According to Reddit

Great Gaming Franchises Ruined by Terrible Entries According to Reddit
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We all know the excitement of waiting for the next installment in our favorite gaming franchise, right? But sometimes, instead of hitting the jackpot, we get served a dud—a terrible entry that makes us question our gaming choices. According to the wisdom of Reddit users, here’s a list of some fantastic gaming franchises that stumbled due to some less-than-stellar entries.


Reddit Users List Beloved Gaming Franchises Ruined by Terrible Entries

Battlefield 2042: The Battlefield That Lost Its Way

Reddit's users list beloved gaming franchises that have stumbled in recent years.
Reddit’s users list beloved gaming franchises that have stumbled in recent years.

So, Battlefield has always been that epic franchise where you’d jump into massive battles, and it was awesome. But then came Battlefield 2042, and, well, it was kind of a letdown. They introduced this hero-shooter thing with operators, tried their hand at a battle royale mode (and it wasn’t great), and basically moved away from the classic team-focused gameplay that we all loved. It left us Battlefield fans scratching our heads, wondering where our beloved franchise went.

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Assassin’s Creed Odyssey and Beyond: The Stealthy Assassin’s Slip-Up

Assassin's Creed fans miss the stealthy assassins of old.
Assassin’s Creed fans miss the stealthy assassins of old.

Once upon a time, Assassin’s Creed was all about sneaking around, parkouring like a pro, and unraveling epic Assassin versus Templar stories. It was incredible, but then they went all RPG with Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, and things started to change. Huge open worlds, loot systems that would make Destiny blush, and combat that felt more like a fantasy game than Assassin’s Creed. We just wanted our stealthy assassins back, you know?

Call of Duty: Finding Its Way in a Messy Warzone

Remember when Call of Duty was this annual thing, with different developers bringing their unique flavors to the series? It was great! But now, it’s like all hands on deck, with everyone at Activision tossing their ideas into one yearly release. Modern Warfare 2 was followed by Modern Warfare 3 way too quickly. And this chaos has left the series feeling a bit disjointed. What happened to the good old days?

Watch Dogs: Hacking Its Own Identity Crisis

The original Watch Dogs was really thrilling with its hacking mechanics and the distinct atmosphere of its world. However, when Watch Dogs 2 was released, it felt like we had entered a game. It seemed like the developers were uncertain about their direction. Let’s not even begin discussing Watch Dogs: Legion, where they allowed players to take on the role of any non-playable character.


It all became quite chaotic. We found ourselves longing for the experience of the earlier Watch Dogs game.

Halo Infinite: Lost in Space, Lost in Identity

Halo used to be THE Xbox game, right? But when 343 Industries took over, things got a bit rocky. Halo 4 was okay, but then came Halo 5, with its misleading marketing and missing features like couch co-op. It felt like Halo was losing its way. Even Halo Infinite started strong but felt oddly empty after a while. We just wanted that old-school Halo magic back!

Batman Arkham: Gotham’s Identity Crisis

Batman: Arkham Knight's Batmobile and Iron Man-like suit alienated some fans, who felt they lost the series' unique charm.
Batman: Arkham Knight’s Batmobile and Iron Man-like suit alienated some fans, who felt they lost the series’ unique charm.

The Batman Arkham series was known for portraying Batman as a mysterious character, which we found captivating. However, when Arkham Knight introduced the Batmobile and a suit like Iron Man, it seemed to veer towards a mainstream direction, losing some of its unique charm. And with Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League on the horizon, it almost feels like they’re attempting to explore a different concept altogether.


Wolfenstein: A Young Misstep for an Old Franchise

The Wolfenstein reboot was absolutely amazing, but Wolfenstein: Young Blood ended up being a disappointment. It had potential, but the changes in gameplay didn’t really resonate with the fans. We longed for that Wolfenstein experience where we could simply unleash on those Nazis without any fuss.

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Reddit users have spoken, and these gaming franchises’ missteps have not gone unnoticed. While these entries might not be complete train wrecks, they’ve undoubtedly left us pondering where these beloved franchises are headed. The challenge now is for these series to strike a balance between innovation and preserving what made them fantastic in the first place. Let’s hope they find their way back on track soon!


Do you have any personal experiences with these gaming franchises’ mishaps? Share your thoughts below.

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