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Gary Busey Faces Four Criminal Charges After Horror Convention

News has broken that Gary Busey has been arrested and charged with four separate criminal charges after his appearance at Monster-Mania Convention in Cherry Hill, New Jersey. The convention ran from the 12th of August until the 14th of August, with other guests including Ralph Maccio, Tom Skerritt and more.

Cherry Hill Police Department


As already said, Busey was there doing the Monster-Mania convention, a horror themed, fan convention where, like other conventions, fans can meet and greet their idols, get pictures and autographs and generally interact with those they usually only see on television.

Unfortunately what should have been a time of celebration and fun for all involved has been marred by several alleged incidents involving Busey.

During the time of the convention, the Cherry Hill police were called and responded to several reports of a sexual offense at the Doubletree Hotel, which is where the convention was being held. The 78-year-old actor was charged on four offenses: one count of attempting criminal sexual contact in the fourth degree, one disorderly conduct count of harassment and two counts of criminal sexual contact in the fourth degree.

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Busey, Beloved Actor of B-Movies

Gary Busey as Buddy Holly

Gary Busey made his career in what many would consider b-movies, and most would now consider cult classics. Known for his huge, teethy smile which brought him a deranged, eccentric look to his roles, he was in Predator 2, Under Siege, Point Break and most famously, The Buddy Holly Story, which earned him an Academy Award nomination at the time.

Spending less of his time in front of the camera as the years have dragged on, he’s more recently been involved in voice over work in the recent Hitman trilogy, and before that, Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.

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Ongoing Investigation As it Stands


In a press release from the Cherry Hill Police Department today, they announced the investigation is still ongoing, but no news was released regarding the whereabouts of Busey, and whether he’s still in town a week on, or if he’s gone back to his home in Malibu.

As of now there’s been no official response from Busey’s or his PR team, so we’ll have to wait until they break their silence for any more news…

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