Gears of War 6 Needs to Go Back to What Made the Franchise Great in the First Place Apparently

Fans are suggesting that the next Gears of War installment should reflect on what made the previous games a success.

gears of war 6 needs to go back to what made the franchise great in the first place apparently


  • Gears of War 6 is in active development over at Coalition Studio.
  • Fans are hoping to see the return of the dark art style from previous installments.
  • The original creator is open to return and help the developers in any way possible.
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Gears of War is one of the most notable Xbox franchises in recent history and fans are excited for the next installment. The series has gone through quite some changes and it has deviated from its roots and the community has found a solution to make the sequel feel more familiar.


The gaming community misses the dark and gritty feel of the first few games in the franchise and hopes to see the same atmosphere return in the latest entry. Perhaps the key to the success of the video game series is pure nostalgia.

Gears of War 6 Should Take a Trip Down Memory Lane

Gears of War 6 is currently in active development over at The Coalition Studio.
Gears of War 6 is currently in active development over at The Coalition Studio.

Sequels can either elevate the franchise or take a wrong turn and lead it to an irredeemable ditch of disappointment. The Coalition Studio is doing its absolute best to bring an authentic gaming experience. At the end of the day, the fans are the ones playing the game and so their opinions matter.


Fans believe the sequel should feature the same dark and gritty environment and atmosphere as the original games. Nostalgia can be a powerful tool and maybe Xbox Game Studios should go the extra mile and recruit the creator himself, Cliff Bleszinski. Bleszinski is more than willing to return to the franchise he started and claims that he is only a phone call away, Microsoft is letting the golden goose away by not reaching out.

It is a wise move to reflect and see which concepts have resonated well with the gaming community and use them to the advantage of the successor. Coalition Studio has a fair few games in the franchise and should look back and take some ideas and bring them back. The dark and gritty environment has appealed to the fans because it fits the franchise and the tone of it, the survival-horror aspect amplified the playing experience even more.


Fans Want to See a Darker Tone for the Next Gears of War

Microsoft acknowledges the value of the Gears of War franchise and has some big plans for it.
Microsoft acknowledges the value of the Gears of War franchise and has some big plans for it.

The feeling of familiarity is very important for sequels, it benefits players and provides a much smoother transition from one game to another. If the developers were to apply this to the current project, others may see it as if they are playing safe but it is all relevant.

The filmmakers behind the upcoming live-action film should take notes themselves to attract legacy fans while also introducing the franchise to a new generation of players and audience. Fans are always looking for any thread of connection and applying a darker and gritty atmosphere can satisfy their needs and help the game sell.

Game developers must take into account the valuable feedback, opinions, and suggestions of the gaming community, especially when it comes to the finer details that the fans have grown to cherish and appreciate. Such small yet significant elements of a game can make a huge difference in enhancing the overall gaming experience, and therefore it becomes crucial for the developers to pay heed to the constructive criticism and ideas put forth by their audience.


Are you a fan of the darker tone of the previous Gears of War games? Let us know in the comments below!


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